‘Quality of life through realistic proposals is a Green Priority’

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'Quality of life through realistic proposals is a Green Priority'Alternattiva Demokratika – the Green Party said today at a meeting in Santa Venera, that in parliament it will ensure a good quality of life to Maltese citizens through realistic proposals. AD also presented its candidate for the Santa Venera local council elections.

Michael Briguglio, AD Chairperson, said, “This week both PN and PL confirmed that they will keep giving second division status to common citizens, to water, quality of air and environmental protection, and that they will keep promoting overdevelopment. This is unacceptable. AD, on the other hand, is insisting that MEPA is led by persons truly committed to environmental protection and sustainable development.

“In parliament, we will insist that board members and top officials should undergo a public screening process through parliament, and thus be examined in public on their experience and qualifications, and not on party affiliation. With reference to the representation of civil society sitting on the Board of the Authority, nominations should come directly from the affected bodies such as environmental NGOs. There should be no members of parliament and more representatives of civil society in MEPA.”

Prof. Arnold Cassola said, “The election supermarket discount scheme is always on, with PN and PL promising everything to everyone in the fields of education, health and work. Given that both Nationalist and Labour Parties are proposing regressive and unsustainable tax cuts, and given that funding from the EU is likely to decrease, how can PN and PL ensure an expansion of public expenditure at the same time? This irresponsible Father Christmas approach to politics has to stop.

“As the voice of reason in the Maltese parliament, AD will only make realistic pledges, which are sustainable for the Maltese economy. Therefore, whilst proposing strong investment in day care centres and in renewable energy as well as a rise in minimum wage, in pensions for disability and a decent salary for decent jobs, we are also responsibly proposing progressive taxation whereby those who earn more pay more and a one per thousand tax on the sale of bonds and shares (The European Financial Transaction Tax) in order to ensure that better jobs and better social measures can be funded in a sustainable way. This is the way forward for responsible governance,” Prof. Cassola concluded.

Philip Cachia, the AD local candidate in St. Venera, said, “The locality of St. Venera deserves better. We will be celebrating twenty years of local governance but we lack many basic amenities, starting from the building of the local council which is not accessible to all. The calls for the devolution of that land have fallen on deaf ears. The land can be used to offer services and activities which we take for granted in 2013.

“In this locality we lack a public library, a youth centre offered by the council, courses which were once offered, and other activities such as sports days and car free days which are not being organised anymore. AD in the local council will be the voice of the residents and will defend the few open spaces remaining in the locality. I will be the voice of the residents to ensure the progress of promised projects. I will work for raising awareness about the benefits of recycling schemes and use if alternative energy where is needed. I will work to have a plan for monitoring air quality and noise pollution in our streets. I will emphasise greater safety in all our roads, and refurbished pavements and sidewalks of excellent quality. It cannot be possible to wait for an election every time to construct a few much needed roads. We will keep improving the public transport system. I stress a responsible approach towards financial administration and long-term planning for the benefit of the community,” Philip Cachia concluded.

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