Hondoq – “What is an integrated green community area?”

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Hondoq - "What is an integrated green community area?" Readers Letter – “I have heard that door to door canvassing has started in Gozo. I would like to request my friends in Qala to ask their politicians: What is an integrated green community area?”

“This may help resolve the confusion over what Qala’s Mayor meant when he said the Local Council would – continue to be against the development of Hondoq unless a huge park or a garden or an integrated green community area is proposed.”

James A. Tyrrell

N. Ireland

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    37 Responses

    1. jason says:

      No answer means flats,villas,hotel surrounded by a fence capisce Mr Tyrrell.

      All these hollow promises are nothing more than betrayal of the referendum that the Qala residents voted against when they voted 85% against.


      The mayor before was dead straight against He did all he could together with fellow councillors to keep the speculators away .Why can`t we rest our minds.Hondoq is for all of us

      Remember the 9th of March dear friends

      • Linda Jennings says:

        I am a regular visitor to Gozo and stay in the village of Ghajnsielem. Nearly every day we visit Hondoq. It is beautiful! So unspoiled and natural. You have a piece of paradise on your doorstep? Please, please people of Qala do everything you can to preserve this beautiful headland because once the developers move in it will be gone forever!!! My only wish is that I discovered Gozo years ago. It’s amazing!
        Linda Jennings

    2. john formosa says:

      I agree with you both! we need an answer!! Why isn’t he replying back after all these requests? Is he possibly infavor of the project and not caring about the 85% that voted against the development? Is he too young or is he simply on the developers side?

      Also why wouldn’t the labour state their position clear? The leader should give his statement to the public right now as what they are planning to do if they are in government. Or is the issue too hot and maybe scare the contractors away from ever voting for MLP?


    3. joseph says:

      Don’t let Hondoq become another Marsalforn or Xlendi. We don’t need more of the same. Gozo lacks a park. Why not transforming the whole Hondoq area into a park and maybe set up a water park there too?

    4. James A. Tyrrell says:

      We all need to be asking this question continuously until such times as the Government put the matter to bed once and for all by slapping a protection order on the area. I have been in contact with Joseph Muscat and in an email to me he stated, ‘we, that is Labour, are against the said yacht marina project.’ He said this position has been crystal clear for years. However I pointed out to Dr Muscat that what was actually said was, ‘the Labour Party remain consistent against the development as proposed.’ It’s because of those last two words, ‘as proposed’ that the question needs to be asked again and again. Why is it so hard to answer a question in a way that the people can clearly understand and trust? Hondoq needs to be protected from unsustainable development simple as that. Generations of people from Qala, Gozo, Malta as well as tourists from around the world have enjoyed this bay. It is up to this generation to ensure that your children and grandchildren and great grandchildren can do the same. When you are talking to any politician leading up to this election get them to state where they stand on the Hondoq issue, preferably in writing.

      • Qala born & raised says:

        Simply put, mr tyrrell has a point. We need to know where we stand. No one on either party has given an answer. Toying with words is a centuries old game. A decision has to be made… And quickly. Yes, either lose the contractors votes and their employees or the beach goers. In my opinion hondoq should be left just the way it is apart from road resurfacing. It’s an excellent beach sheltered from the most common north westerly winds that dominate this country.

    5. C.Portelli says:

      What’s up with Paul Buttigieg, the PL vice mayor? He is our representative, we voted him to office mainly because of his his opposition to Qala Creek. There have been a number of letters published on gozonews in the past weeks, yet he hasn’t wrote anything on it, yet. How come he has now fell silent?

      • James A. Tyrrell says:

        Everyone in Gozo and Malta and interested parties around the world know exactly where Paul Buttigieg stands on the Hondoq issue so I find your comment offensive even if he doesn’t. No one has done more to protect Hondoq than Paul Buttigieg. What I find remarkable is that the past Mayor who as you know was a Nationalist did more to fight for Hondoq than the present Mayor who is Labour. If anyone’s loyalty to the people of Qala is in question it is his.

      • lesley kreupl says:

        @C. Portelli
        I find your comments very offensive as well. In case you are unaware of the fact, Paul Buttigieg still works for a living. He doesn’t have time to sit at a computer all day and twiddle his thumbs trying to think up answers to silly comments.
        If you have to query his dedication to Hondoq, then it proves that you know NOTHING about the situation and shouldn’t pass a stupid comment.

      • Charles Sammut says:

        Re Mr Portelli
        Paul has always been in the forefront opposing the project from the beginning and in the process saving Hondoq for all of us and future generations. Because we all know once MEPA approves the Project we can kiss Hondoq goodbye. As a matter of fact you might even agree that Paul has been more visible than any mayor of Qala in this regard.What more can the man do? Can you please enlighten us?

    6. Paul Buttigieg says:

      @ C Portelli
      I have been against the Hondoq project since day one and will remain against any speculation in that area. I always said that Hondoq should be turned into a national park for EVERYONE to enjoy and not just the few.

      • C.Portelli says:

        @ Paul Buttigieg

        Thank you for your prompt reply, your activity on this site is reassuring.

      • J. Camilleri says:

        A new 5 star hotel promised by the N.P. As we have no hotels for the overflow of Tourists in Gozo !!! At the moment one of our 5 star hotels is closed and the other one is empty with most workers are foreign student workes.

        A new five star hotel at Hondoq ??? and then villas and apartments around it, like the ones we have now. Or maybe this hotel is the one which was promised years ago at Chambray.

        Will the Hon Prime Minister tell us now before the election ???

        Bring the Tourists first please, that’s what hoteliers are demanding..

      • joseph zarb nsw aust 2148 says:

        its all about money is it not leave hondoq the way it is for every one to enjoy

    7. Gozitan says:

      Mr. C. Portelli,
      The PL Vice Mayor Mr. Paul Butigieg dosen’t need to comment for every comment that persons like you write. We all know what is his opinion about this project. We also know the opinion of the Ex. Mayor Mr. Paul Butigieg that he also is against this project. Both of them from day one they have rejected this type of project. That time the council have published how the coucil wanted to transform the old quarry and transform it into National Park where all the public can go and relax in his free time. What about you Mr. C. Portelli, what is your opinion about this project? And now I turn on the present Mayor Mr. Clint Camilleri what is your opinion about this project?

    8. Charles says:

      Mr buttigieg keep on doing what`s best to safeguard hondoq for us.Everyone knows where you stand .Now it`t the mayors turn to tell us and no gimmicks please straight answers

    9. Tony Grech says:

      Seriously how can you ever ask what Paul buttigieg position is… he was the one and still is the one who fought the most against the whole project. Also this counts for the ex mayor he was the best mayor qala had ever had! He fought against his own political party to safeguard what Qala’s residents own!!

      Now that we know the two Paul Buttigieg where they stand Why can`t Clint the mayor state his position and what he meant by green integrated community?


      • James Formosa says:

        For your information, clint is only qala’s mayor. He cannot say yes or no, that’s up to MEPA. What really bothers me out of the above comments is why are you raising this issue now and not during the previous legislature as well? What concerns you most about Clint as mayor? Have you any hidden conflict of interest somewhere?

      • James A. Tyrrell says:

        @James Formosa. I can only speak for myself here but I have been writing on this subject for years now, not only in the Gozo News but the Times and Independent as well. I personally couldn’t care less which party is in Government. Parties change, Governments come and go but if Hondoq is developed it will be spoilt forever. We can’t replace nature that has been destroyed.

    10. Phil Cox says:

      Yes, why can’t the present mayor say himself what an integrated green community area is and stop the speculation? The ex-mayor quickly and robustly defended himself from his critics in a previous series of comments, and has clearly stated he is against the development of Hondoq. The vice-mayor has clearly stated that he has been against the proposed development from day one. And still there is a stoney silence from the new mayor. WHY?

    11. Angelo Xerri says:

      The PL Vise Mayer Mr. Paul Buttigieg and Harsein Hondoq group held many meetings for the past nine years or so about protecting Hondoq. We wrote articles and many letters in many leading news papers. Vise Mayer P. Buttigieg worked the hardest.
      Contacts with Mepa, TV Shows, Xarabank, Bla Agenda, even Brussels.
      When he was a PL Counciller worked hand in hand with PN Ex. Mayer both doing a great job protecting Hondoq, I can say more what a good job he done in PN and the latest PL Councils.
      Qala Counsil held a referendum about Qala Creek Project At Hondoq Ir-Rummien and was approved by the Government of the day were 85% of the residents voted against this project, olso this area was a NDZ at the time.
      What is the difference between Qala referendum and the one that got us in the EU or divorce
      you might ask?
      Gonzi PN failed misiribly because this project should have been scraped right after the referendum result.
      Qala residents that voted against want answers before the election date and end the speculation for ever.
      Hondoq Ir-Rummien with its pristine bay should be given back to Qala Counsil to be turned into a beautiful Park for everyone like it was in the lokal plan, and not for the chosen few, this is the most popular beach area in Gozo barr none.
      PN and PL both said they want to keep Gozo Tranquil and Hondoq is a good start. ANSWERS PLEASE.

    12. Yvonne Spiteri says:

      Paul Buttigieg keep up the good work as you always did in the past. I m sure that no negative comment will ever discouage you. With determination and positivety you will surely achieve positive outcome!

    13. C.Portelli says:

      Dear all,

      Everyone has a day job, yet Mr Buttigieg posted an answer within an hour of my query. I am thankful for his prompt action, and in fact wrote a second post to that effect. Notwithstanding, I have received a lot of flak, both directly and indirectly, because of my comment. Some called my post ‘offensive’, yet I believe that the Moderator would have blocked it, if s/he felt this would have been the case. I didn’t want to sound mean to him, and apologize if my tone sounded so.

      Had I really wanted to place Mr Buttigieg into a difficult position, perhaps I would have asked him for a clarification about his party’s intentions about Hondoq since their feedback to this query have so far been ambiguous at best. I noticed that some of the persons who took time to leave their comments on this post were in fact very active on this site over the past few weeks. In most cases, their probing is addressed at this same doubt of mine; so I’m confident that an answer to this question would satisfy them, too.

      Allow me clarify that I have given my first preference to Mr Buttigieg in the past two elections, and intend to do so again in the future. I know where he stands. Everyone does, that is a non-issue. The issue here is the Mayor’s intentions about Hondoq, his loyalty towards the village and the people who elected him, so let me not go out of point any further.

      Thanks and regards.

    14. Clint Camilleri says:

      Dear all,

      The Qala Local Council is against the Qala Creek project. In fact, Mr. Tyrrell, myself and Paul Buttigieg PL represented the council twice already at MEPA against the project. Anyone can check the Qala Local Council minutes to verify for himself. The Council has only one aim – the best for the village and for the residents.


      Clint Camilleri
      Qala Mayor

      • James A. Tyrrell says:

        Which is what the people wanted to know. Took a while though!

        With regard to the aim of wanting the best for the village and it’s residents does that include Jane Carr and can you throw any light on who exactly it was who was behind the threats towards her to retract her statement?

      • Astrid Vella says:

        That is excellent news Mr. Camilleri, I’m sure that many thousands of people will be very relieved to hear this. Can we take this as an official statement?

        This is especially welcome if the motion that local councils will have a place on the MEPA Board materialises.

      • david says:

        now I understand the the Qala local council will put a motion so we can all see those in favour and those against.

        But on the other hand what will happen if someone changes his mind on the eleventh hour like Dr Xerri did.We want firm commitment from both parties on this matter .The local council will have to obey the government at the time

        I think this should be brought forward by the mayor

    15. Clint Camilleri says:

      By a green community area I mean an area similar to ‘Gnien il-Familja’ situated in Qala which consists of a big park full of trees, green landscaping, gazebos, picnic areas etc. where all the family can enjoy their free time.

      In fact, the Qala Local Council will be constructing a new park near the Qala Football Ground in the coming days.

      Rest assured that under my leadership, the Qala Local Council will be in the forefront against all speculative development which will harm our locality. May I also remind you, that in the past nine years, my father Anton Camilleri was also a member of the Qala Local Council which opposed such speculative developments.

      Hope this clarifies any doubts.


      Clint Camilleri
      Qala Mayor

    16. James Formosa says:

      James Tyrrell, you should ask GonziPN’s party who has been there for the last 25 years, why didn’t they scrap the idea of this project after the referendum, rather than attacking Qala’s mayor.
      Also, its an insult against your own intelligence to question Clint what is meant by a green community area. I follow your writings and the impression that I have of you is of a person who is knowledgeable enough to know what that phrase means.
      Don’t try to raise negative speculation about a phrase that I am sure that you know what it stands for. You could have utilized better the time you employed to pen this article!

      • James A. Tyrrell says:

        James I was not the one who created the problem here. The one who created the problem was Clint Camilleri by refusing to answer a simple question being put to him, not just by me but by others. We now today have a statement from the Mayor pointing out the fact that he is against all speculative development in the Hondoq area which is what the people have wanted to hear all along. So why did it take so long to issue a straight forward statement that didn’t include the words ‘unless’ or ‘as proposed?’

        I would also like to get an answer to the question regarding who exactly was responsible for threatening Jane Carr who originally raised the issue and what exactly the Mayor knew about those threats? It’s interesting that in his statement above he doesn’t even make reference to this serious matter.

        With regard to asking GonziPN why they haven’t scrapped the idea, if as you say you follow my writings then you would be aware that I have been doing that for years. Given the arrogance of Gonzi and his bunch of merry men do you think I will ever get an answer? As my old grandfather used to say all you can expect from a pig is a grunt.

      • non bieliver says:

        James Formosa, We should ask the PL what they are going to do if they are in government after all the yacht marina at Hondoq was first promoted by Lorry Saint in 1998.My idea is both party’s should give it in writing to stop the distroying of Hondoq and quit playing with words, and if some thing is to be added to Hondoq the Maltese and gozitans should vote to be aproved.

    17. david says:

      Mr. Mayor,
      I did some searching and for integrated green community I found this : http://www.ameinfo.com/119398.html , It doesn’t look like a park does it?

      And Definition of community in oxford dictionary is a body of people living in one place or united in origin.

      So how did you end up with a garden for Hondoq out of integrated green community. Maybe the community is going to be in the middle of the garden??

    18. Gozitan says:

      FINALLY the Mayor Mr. Clint Camilleri has posted some answers. What took you so long? Have you sent the answer with a pigeon? Or perhaps you didn’t wanted to answer this question because pesonally you are infavor of this project and now you where PUSHED to talk from the HEADQUARTERS in Malta now that the general elections are aproaching? Still you didn’t answered on the question of the Hondoq Project. YOU PERSONALLY what do you think about the Hondoq Creek? What dose it stops you from turning your mind and then you say that you are in favor of the project. Mr. Raymond Xerri has declared offically that he was against the project and also he signed a declaration saying that he is against the projcet. Now he changed his mind. What dose it stops you from making the same thing? WE WANT YOUR PERSONAL ANSEWRS and not answers from offices in Malta. Now I turn to BOTH of the headquarters in Malta. What are there opinions? I think those of the PN we know them already, i.e. they are in favour of the project because they belief that more tourists will come, but those of the MLP we don’t know them. Onr. Dr. Joseph Muscat what are your personal ideas about the PROJECT?


    19. lesley kreupl says:

      How utterly disgusting, and sad, that a discussion like this should have to take place at all. A referendum on the subject was held. The result was a clear cut decision against the development of Hondoq. Should this country now question the results of all referendums taken in the past? The EU and divorce ones come to mind as does the more recent one regarding fireworks factories in Gharb!
      For goodness sake, decisions were democratically made, stick to them!

    20. Family says:

      Paul keep on doing what you have been doing for the last 10 years. I do care for Hondoq because when i was young i always used to go there. And even today for children, young teenagers and all families that’s their recreational place to be!!

    21. Gozitan says:


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