Nadur Youngsters Football Club Celebrations

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Nadur Youngsters Football Club Celebration
May the 11th was a day of festivities celebrated by the Nadur Youngsters Football Club supporters as this day was dedicated to mark various significant occasions for this Gozitan club. This year represented a year of success as the Youngsters managed to win the Championship League in Gozo thus managing to win this prestigious title for the tenth time. The Nadur team intends to follow the traditional practice of wearing a star on their shirts as a symbol of attaining this memorable result.

The Nadur Youngsters are also marking the 50th anniversary since the establishment of their club on the 20th September 1958. They have come a long way and have since then gained 46 honours, making them the club with the most awards in Gozo. Amongst these are ten championship leagues, with nine of them being won in the past fourteen years, with the first one being the season of 1967/68.

The club’s committee, the team and supporters commemorated this event in a concelebrated mass at the Basilica of St Peter and St Paul in Nadur. Afterwards, the newly refurbished Nadur Youngsters Football club was inaugurated by the Minister for Gozo, Giovanna Debono, who also hails from Nadur, with Rev. Carmelo Portelli blessing the premises.

During a short inaugurating address, Minister Debono stressed the importance of the presence of sports facilities within the community. The Minister said that “the Ministry for Gozo has been supporting and will continue to support such clubs in their endeavours to enhance sporting facilities in Gozo, since it believes that the whole Gozitan community benefits through these clubs. Sporting facilities in Gozo are thoroughly different from that of the past and the Nadur Youngsters’ story is one such example. This club now has one of the many synthetic turf pitches which have been installed around Gozo over the past years through the support of the Ministry for Gozo. Besides serving the clubs, these pitches are also used for activities organised by the Gozo College or Local Councils, due to appropriate agreements signed by the respective entities in each locality. These pitches have also benefitted various nurseries, with the one in Nadur being one of the most popular, even amongst Maltese football teams.”

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