PN Electoral Programme approved by the General Council

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PN Electoral Programme approved by the General CouncilThe PN’s Electoral Progamme was approved by the General Council this evening and presented to the public. The PN said that an “extensive number of concrete ideas and proposals are all enclosed in the Partit Nazzjonalista’s Electoral Programme which includes a clear strategy over the next five years for a further improvement in your quality of life”.

The PN said that it “will invest in the creation of more jobs and more incentives to encourage self employment. Where sustainable, income tax will be reduced and to encourage women to join in the workforce, childcare will be offered for free, while sick leave allocation will also be able to be used to take care of your child in the case they are unwell.”

“Healthcare will always remain free and of the highest standards. A PN Government will give priority to first aid, continue fighting the battle against cancer, fight the war against diabetes and invest in a new rehabilitation centre. More medicines will also be included with the free medicine incentive.”

“Education has always been at the core of PN policies” the Party said, “and in the next five years the PN pledge to reinforce stipends. A tablet will also be given to every primary and secondary school child in synergy with the recently introduced whiteboards.”

The PN Programme also said that a “PN Government will implement the National Environment Policy as well as the Energy Policy. The interconnector between Malta and Sicily will be completed in the beginning of 2014.

“Malta will be able to source 70% of it electricity from Europe with zero emissions and with the help of the EU, Malta will also connected with a gas pipeline. Installation of Smart Meters will be completed which will make way to the introduction of a night tariff, reducing your bills by 7% to 26%. A generous feed-in tariff will be kept and solar farms will be introduced for people who cannot install PVs.”

A full version of the PN electoral programme is available here.

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