Immigrants involved in scuffles outside Citizenship Offices

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Immigrants involved in scuffles outside Citizenship OfficesScuffles broke out in front of the Department of Citizenship and Immigration in Valletta this morning as immigrants tried to jump the queue to get inside for identity cards and residence permits. There were no reports of any injuries.

Policemen who were on site calmed the situation in a bid to restore order. Immigrants had told others there that they had spent the night queuing outside to try and ensure that they were seen, but there was a mad dash as soon as the doors opened. Fridays are reserved only for persons enjoying national/international protection.

All non-Maltese citizens resident in Malta are now required to apply for an electronic document containing biometric data which they have to apply for. Appointments can be made, but have to be done so by email.

The e-Residence Card, which will be issued, will serve the purpose for both the identity and residency permit.

On Wednesday the Department is closed to the Public and EU nationals are seen on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Although it a requirement for an appointment with the department to be set by e-mail, many immigrants were just turning up.

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    3 Responses

    1. Peter Wilson says:

      If you dont have a computer, and an email account how can you make an appointment. is it any wonder they rush to get seen? Its typical maltese, have an idea put it in action then find out its not possible, so they scatch their heads and wonder what to do. The solutions are easy,. but I don’t come cheap ;).

    2. Janet Bayes says:

      Not cheap for any of us – – money is at the root of it – – and €16M is a lot to lose eh?

    3. david reiling says:

      This is all smoke and mirrors to get themselves out of the discriminatory holes they got themselves into with EU citizens being charged more for buses and utility rates by way of dual tariffs, based on so called residency requirements.

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