Where does Labour really stand on Hondoq – Readers Letter

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Where do Labour really stand on Hondoq? - Readers Letter“You would think that with an impending election, the Labour Party would want to make its position clear on issues of concern with the voters but this is not the case in Qala. The people have been calling on the mayor of Qala to make his position clear regarding the proposed marina development at Hondoq, but he seems to prefer to wrap his answers up in doublespeak.

When someone refuses to speak plainly, it, rightly or wrongly, gives the impression that they are hiding something, and the impression being given by the mayor at the moment is that he wants to make it sound as if Labour are opposed to the marina proposal in order to retain votes but that they are actually open to suggestions and may back the marina development.

It also appears that people writing on the subject have been threatened in some way and if that is the case it needs to be looked into further. Who exactly is applying pressure on people to retract their words, and what is it they are afraid of? It has been suggested that the mayor is concerned about his reputation but the position of mayor does not automatically come with a good reputation, like respect it is something that must be earned. He has also stated that he has no connection, professional or otherwise with the developers. Of course he has a connection, he is Labour’s representative in Qala and as such would be the first port of call for developers to discuss their development proposals for the area.

So Mr Mayor I again ask the question that everyone wants answered. What is Labour’s position regarding the proposal of a marina development at Hondoq with its associated hotel, restaurant, holiday villas and so on? Just to give you an idea, the residents of Qala are looking for an answer along the lines of, “The Labour Party is 100 per cent opposed to any form of unsustainable and speculative development at Hondoq, whether as a marina or a swimming lagoon, and will not change that stance no matter what else is proposed in conjunction with it. The people can be assured therefore that Labour backing such a project will never be forthcoming.”

That’s all the people want to hear as well as see in writing.”

James A. Tyrrell

N. Ireland

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    9 Responses

    1. lesley kreupl says:

      It is obvious that the young, inexperienced mayor of Qala has no idea of the wishes of the community he is meant to serve at all. Perhaps this is understandable seeing that he is not from Qala. However, it is high time that such elected (?) persons put the needs and quality of life of their constituents first and foremost rather than that of the party.
      I therefore meekly suggest, Mr. Mayor, that you either clearly state your own position or tie down the leader of your party to state his.
      I hope this is not wishful thinking on my part.

    2. Joseph says:

      Mr Qala mayor Can you tell all of us what do you mean when you said ( as stated by jane carr) an INTEGRATED GREEN COMMUNITY ??

      this is a modern buzz word similar to SMART CITY when 7 thousand jobs were promised .But at least the mayor was wise enough to give us in advance what the new buzz word was going to be after the so called SWIMMING LAGOON

      I can`t believe that Qala residents chose this mayor going against the 85% referendum result held in 2002

      We all need a clear answer please no beating about the bush

    3. Gozitan says:

      The previous mayor made it clear that he is against the project. WHY THIS MAYOR DON”T MAKE IT CLEAR ABOUT THIS PROJECT?????

    4. Phil Cox says:

      Yes, why can’t the mayor himself say what an integrated green community area is and stop the speculation. Whilst he’s at it, what projects from the previous administration has he completed, and what projects has he instigated – or will there just be a flurry of activity before the next local council elections?
      How come the previous mayor quickly and robustly defended himself from his critics, and the present mayor hasn’t said anything yet?

    5. Gozitan says:

      I want to ask the readers to tell any suggestions what to do so that Hondoq bay will become more beautiful. For example I suggest that the quarry will be transformed into a public park where the public can relax. A car parking so every one who come swimming int the bay or visit the park will find where he park. What about your ideas??

    6. Kelinu says:

      @ Gozitan Fully agree with you but certainly not a green integrated community that the mayor is proposing because to me it is nothing more than an enclosure of villas similar to Ta Cenc with a gate that when ever the owner feels the area will be closed

      Qed niftiehem sew ???

    7. James A. Tyrrell says:

      Gozitan I think the important thing is to first of all achieve some form of Government protection for the area to ensure that no developers in the future will try to build there. Once that has been achieved then the matter of what should be done in the area should be left to the people, not just the people of Qala but all the people Gozitan, Maltese and otherwise who love Hondoq so much. This is an area where families traditionally gather to spend the day, to relax with their friends and make new friends. People come to swim , to eat and to play music. That is what Hondoq has always been about and that is the way it should remain. If any development ever takes place there then it should be of a form that benefits the people, all the people and not just the rich foreigners with their boats. The main island has been destroyed by these people whose only desire is profit. Over the past 10 years I have seen that disease spread to Gozo. The time has to come when the people start to speak out against such practices and say enough is enough. That time has come.

    8. john Formosa says:

      The answer should be given before the election… afterwards will never have an answer..

    9. Gozitan says:

      They want to build a hotel when three major hotels in Gozo where closed, ( the Atlantis Hotel, the Andar Hotel and the Imgarr Hotel), where demolished and instead of them apartments where build. Take a look at Fort Chambray that was suppose of the public,it was given to the present owner to reduce the debt that the government had with this person. He demolished historical building, build new one, historical building was lost, made it private and now no one can enter this Fort. If it was not for the previous mayor and of course with the help of the councilers of that time and battled at court fir more that 10 YEARS the Fort of St. Anthony that it is found at the Far East of the Island of Gozo now a days would be LOST FOREVER.

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