GTA sets out proposals to Political Parties ahead of election

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GTA sets out proposals to Political Parties ahead of electionThe Gozo Tourism Association in a statement today, has set out its proposals for the Political Parties Electoral programme for the March General Elections.

The GTA said that “it is well known that during the last two years of 2011 and 2012, the tourism industry in Malta registered a substantial increase in the number of tourists who visited Malta. This success was also felt somewhat on the island of Gozo because according to the National Bureau of Statistics, Gozo had a net increase in nights of 5% last year on 2010. This means that during 2011, Gozo had over 8000 nights more than in 2010. This positive performance also continues during the year 2012.

“These increases in Gozo are of significant importance, because tourism is the mainstay of the Gozitan economy. Therefore it is necessary that this industry receives particular attention with regard to the island, not just in words, but with facts and concrete actions.

“The belief is that Gozo is recognised as a distinct destination and therefore this belief must be enhanced with structures designed to project and promote Gozo as a distinct destination on its merits and unique characteristics.

“To achieve this aim we need to start thinking and looking differently to what has been done before in respect of tourism in Gozo. This was the framework discussed within which the Gozo Tourism Association Council selected the many proposals to be considered in the design of the electoral programme of the Maltese Political Parties.”

The full list of propsals, which are in Maltese, are available for download here.

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