What should we do: Just grin and bear it? – Readers reply

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On May 2nd Reno Bugeja from Victoria asked the question in Gozo News, ‘What should we do: Just grin and bear it?’ Reno was referring to the fact that the company ‘Where’s Everybody’ who are responsible for Gozo 1234 have a monopoly of setting up street stands, to the detriment of local café and bar owners. I have to agree totally here with Reno as I fail to see why these people were even chosen to promote Gozo.

Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not criticising the fact that Gozo is being promoted I’m just questioning why the organisation of the weekend should have been handed over to Where’s Everybody? We have to remember that the Director, Producer & Presenter of Where’s Everybody, Lou Bondi for years slated Eurovision and then had the cheek to take over the Eurovision presentation handling it with mock derision which most people found disgusting.

These are also the people who made a total horlicks during the Queen’s visit by constructing a water feature in the middle of the stage which leaked, ruining the stage and newly-laid parquet floor (incidentally, who ended up paying for the replacement of that newly-laid parquet floor, not the taxpayer I hope!). So I have to ask myself the question, why were they chosen to promote Gozo? Could it have anything to do with the fact that Lou Bondi is the first cousin of Minister Austin Gatt?

I would have thought that the Gozo Minister Giovanna Debono’s ministry would have been the appropriate people to promote Gozo. Surely it would not have been too difficult to do in co-operation with the local people. At least that way the people of Gozo and especially the hard working café and bar owners would have been the ones making the profits from this venture, rather than the relative of a Government minister.

But then we have to remember that Gozo Minister Giovanna Debono was far too busy organising her electoral campaign and protecting a belvedere in Nadur to bother herself with something as mundane as promoting Gozo. And of course, the fact that Where’s Everybody had the monopoly of setting up stalls in certain places, an obscene measure that deprived genuine Gozitan traders of this opportunity, goes a long way towards explaining why WE won the contract.

Gozo is in my opinion one of the most beautiful places on earth, and both foreign tourists like myself and Maltese come to Gozo because it is totally different from the island of Malta itself. It is a much more peaceful and relaxing place to be and in fact many of Gozo’s local and foreign residents do not enjoy the noise and hordes that these events bring, but welcome them for the sake of the business they bring to Gozitan outlets. If they are now going to be skimmed off to Maltese profiteers, then the whole show is a sham!.

James A. Tyrrell,
5 Lower Cairncastle Road,
County Antrim,
N. Ireland BT40 1PG

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