MEPA issues stop & enforcement notice on Naxxar circus

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MEPA issues stop & enforcement notice on Naxxar circusThe Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA) said that it has issued a stop and enforcement order against the operators of the Naxxar Circus after the 30 day period for the temporarily use of the land outside the Trade Fair Grounds had elapsed.

Last October, the Authority had given its ‘no objection’ to the Circus being organised in the parking area of the ex-Trade Fair Grounds in Naxxar. MEPA said, “The Local Council had given its full consent for this temporary activity to be organised at this site and given that this activity was not going to surpass the 30 day period.”

MEPA said that as from today, “the circus must stop its operations in this and any other site unless the necessary clearances are issued. The Police have been informed that any operation of the circus as from today is not according to law. So far, the Circus operators have collaborated with the MEPA Enforcement Officials.”

The Naxxar Local Council have informed MEPA that they will not be issuing any clearance for the operation of the circus to be extended.

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