Lecture by Peppi Azzopardi held at the Circolo Gozitano

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Lecture by Peppi Azzopardi held at the Circolo GozitanoCircolo Gozitano recently hosted a lecture at it premises by Peppi Azzopardi, presenter of Xarabank, who attended the event with his wife Mandy. Also present for the evening was the University Gozo Campus Rector, Prof Joe Friggieri.

Peppi Azzopardi’s talk was about his personal experiences and notes on the local broadcasting scene. It was decided by those present to keep a more convivial informality about the event and therefore the lecture took place in bar area rather than moving into the Circolo Gozitano’s hall.

‘Il-Kazin tal-Ghawdxin’ who organised the evening said that Prof Friggieri led the discussion during the evening and Mr Azzopardi invited the audience to ask any questions and enter into the debate.

Mr Azzopardi discussed his career from the early 80s, as well as how he began in broadcasting; the early repurcussions of his choices and “the importance of having the strength of a well-organised Team behind you, especially when the unexpected crops up.” He also shared with the attendees of the lecture several anecdotes of his past experiences in broadcasting and why he thinks that scientific surveys “generally always show you the correct trends.”

Following the lecture Peppi Azzopardi and Prof Friggieri thanked the Circolo Gozitano, ‘il-Kazin tal-Ghawdxin,’ for the opportunity of participating in this unique event.

The Committee said that it will continue with the series of lectures in the New Year.

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