“Mayor should be clearly against development at Hondoq”

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"Mayor should be clearly against development at Hondoq"Readers Letter – “One of the biggest issues overhanging the people of Qala is that of the proposed development at Hondoq. Surely this poses a conflict of interest for the Mayor as a newly qualified architect?

“As someone who is just starting off on their career, there must be very strong reservations about going head to head with powerful developers who have powerful backing?

“I specifically asked the Mayor back in June about Labour’s 2012 Election Programme for Qala which says ‘the Labour Party remain consistent against the development as proposed’ and what this actually meant. Did it mean that if the developers were to change the proposal a bit, they would no longer be against the project?

“He refused to be drawn on this – saying only that he was against the proposal as it stood – but was not able to comment on his position were any changes to be made.

“Surely as the elected representative of the Qala people, he should take note of the fact that 85% of the residents voted against the development at Hondoq – therefore his stance, as Mayor, should also be clearly against the development at Hondoq (whether or not the proposal is modified)?

“The subject of where the Labour Party stands on Hondoq was also raised in my letter to the Times in June (http://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20120616/letters/Joseph-Muscat-and-ondoq.424477) and came up in the comments following October’s article in Gozonews concerning the Hondoq Appeal (http://gozonews.com/25622/hondoq-appeal-to-be-heard-by-the-mepa-board-in-may-2013/).

“So, can the Labour Party, on a local or national level, state clearly where they stand on the proposed development at Hondoq (whether or not the developers make modifications to their proposal)?”

Jane Carr,


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    22 Responses

    1. James A. Tyrrell says:

      What exactly is the Mayor Clint Camilleri’s problem with giving the people he represents a straight answer? He is the Mayor of Qala and the people of Qala have stated quite clearly that they are against this development proposal for Hondoq Bay. If he doesn’t support the people of Qala then he doesn’t deserve to hold the office of Mayor.

    2. albert says:

      I fully agree wit you Mr Tyrrell I have been looking at the hondoq monster for a long time now . I would like to know where he stands .I have read Jane`s letter and it is quite straight forward and we need straight answers .

      Though I do not live in Qala but I do frequent Hondoq very frequently and it should remain for the general public

    3. john Formosa says:

      he hasn’t given an answer …. everyone should make his own assumption… i guess i have been right all along about him! He should be one of them! He surely doesn’t care about the residents choice.

    4. george says:

      .Put politicians and developers in a bucket, stir and flare the nostrils for a wonderful stench of corruption. Hondoq is doomed.

    5. Joan says:

      Why isn’t the mayor replying to the residents that are asking him about the Hondoq project? is there any hidden agenda behind this?

      Well done to those that even after 10 years of proposals and applications, they are still there fighting to save Hondoq!

      • Peter says:

        Yes, why isn’t he replying? Does Mr Camilleri agree there is a conflict of interest or not? If he doesn’t he should be 100% with the fight against Hondoq being developed. If he does feel there is a conflict of interest, he should let his deputy, Mr Buttigieg deal with Hondoq.

    6. Joseph says:

      @ Qala Local Council .Plain and simple .We need to know where all of you stand? Qala said a very healthy no when the referendum was held ten years ago .

    7. Bobbi Jones says:

      Good letter. Simple question, requires a simple answer. Has this letter been put directly to our young Mayor, because we all wait….with bated breath. Before we condem him.

    8. Sheila says:

      It’s Catch 22. If he says he hasn’t though about the consequences of being 100% for protecting Hondoq, he would sound naive. And if he says he has thought about the consequences, he would realise there is a conflict of interest and his position as mayor would be untenable.

    9. Paul Buttigieg says:

      May I remind that the previous Qala Local Council lead by PN majority was always against this whole project and for 9 years he remained constant with his believes because his priority was always the well being of all Qala residents and those who visit Hondoq ir-Rummien Bay. For 9 years we fought against all odds but we successfully kept this project away from Hondaq. These are facts that no one can query. Hope that now with Labour majority things will remain the same.

      Paul Buttigieg

      • Jane Carr says:

        Please can you help clarify matters by forwarding a motion to the Qala Town Council, asking each member to declare whether they are “for or against the development at Hondoq, whether or not the proposal is modified?” Qala’s residents will then know where the members of their council stand, and also have a reference point should anyone change their mind later (which I believe has happened previously).

    10. Jonathan says:

      @ Both Paul Buttigieg we got at the council . You both truly loved Qala and for this everyone knows it .But unfortunately now it`s too late .Have a look at this link just to see them both at work


    11. Peter says:

      Clint ghamel dak li u l-ahjar ghal Ghawdex, jekk f’dan il- progett jahdmu l’Ghawdxin fieh allura jien nissapportjah. Il-barranin jekk iridu jikmandaw f’pajjizom mux lilna. Jekk tinbena lukanda fil-barriera abbandunata biss u ma tintmesx il-bajja allura zgur li mux ser ikun hemm hsara fl-ambjent.

      • john Formosa says:

        Can you please specify what types of works will be created by the development in hondoq?? Shall we start cleaning hotels rooms? Ok let’s say there will be work during development but what will happen when the development is finished? Shall we leave them empty like what happened in fort chambre….etc

        Can this country keep on going like this? Seriously we already have enough concrete jungles around us do we need anymore?

        The next point you mentioned was “if the beach is not going to be touched” you said it yourself IF!! If the hotel, apartments, and yacht marina are built the building will keep on going on till MGARR and then GHAJNSIELEM, MGARR, QALA & Hondoq will be all built up having ample of empty places having no people living in them! Let me remind you that we already have got enough empty space for the next 20 years do we need more empty spaces together with what we have?

      • Peter says:

        Min hu hobzu mahbuz jirraguna hekk. Mr.Formosa mela ma tafx kemm zghazagh Ghawdxin qeghdin jaqbdu ma kull tibna biex isibu xoghol ?
        Tista tipproponi kif uliedna ser isibu xoghol f’Ghawdex ?
        Inti stess qieghed tghid jekk IF, inti min qallek li l-bini ser jibqa sejjer sa l-Imgarr ?
        Dan mux kollu biza mill-babaw gej minn min hu interessat li ma jizdietx it-turizmu f’Ghawdex biex bekk jibqa fsahtu t-turizmu f’Malta ?
        Jekk joghgbok irrispondini bil-Malti ghalija hu insult li qieghed niktiblek bil-lingwa taghna u tirrispondini bl-ingwa barranija.

      • Charles Sammut says:

        Peter you can’t be serious. If you need a job the destruction of Hondoq might provide you employment for a few months…then what may I ask? The proposed project will hurt Tourism not help it. Once Hondoq is taken away from all of us the where would you be spending your free time in the hot days of Summer? Thank god you are in a minority . And yes the Mayor should make it clear in no uncertain way that Hondoq will remain the way it is..do not mess with it and change its character..once the developers get their way we will all be losers..

    12. john Formosa says:

      First of all, YES, my true intention is that more work is created for our children here in Gozo. And gozitan youths deserve to work in Gozo.

      Your mind is is dead set as if Hondoq is the only solution to create work here in Gozo!! It sounds like that according to you HOTELS are the only solution for work creation in Gozo. Tell me, how many Gozitans are working in hotels in Gozo, and most importantly how much they are getting paid? Do you think the gozitan students that have attended university want to go and work as waiters or cleaners in hotels? When they are qualified to do a much higher quality jobs? So if your true intentions are to create decent jobs in gozo, why don’t you look at the IT industry which can easily operate from Gozo and not more land be destroyed with the EXCUSE of jobs.

      In regards to the tourism industry, why aren’t you suggesting that a decent berthing place for cruise liners be done somewhere near Mgarr harbor, wouldn’t that create more jobs in Gozo without destroying one of the only decent places in Gozo where one can relax with nature like Hondoq.

      Hondoq is a tourist attraction as it is. Just speak to the foreigners and tourists that visit Gozo and they will all tell you that if hondoq is changed they will NOT come to gozo to see a tourist village (concrete jungle) like is being proposed.

      You are contradicting yourself totally when you say that the foreigners can pack and go if they don’t like it but in the same breath you say that we need tourists!! Make up your mind!!
      Peter, I am answering you in English because this is an English site and also this issue concerns not only the gozitans and maltese but also the many foreigners that live and visit our island and that many of them genuinely have the best for Gozo in their hearts unlike some that are only interested in their pockets!!

    13. Jane Carr says:

      @ Peter

      The land between Hondoq and Mgarr is already owned by some major developers from both Gozo and Malta. If the development at Hondoq is given the go ahead, a precedent will have been set – and it is inevitable that they will want to reap the rewards of their speculative land acquisitions.

      There was already talk some years back of building a coastal road along that stretch of land. Now that Transport Malta have rejected the proposed route to the project which was to pass through Qala, and would have caused traffic chaos, the developers will undoubtedly be looking at resurrecting the idea of the coastal route again, which would open up the whole area.

      If Qala Creek gets permission, and the coastal road is built – it would be extremely hard for Mepa to refuse further permissions to landowners to develop the whole strip of land between Hondoq and Mgarr.

    14. Mary Ghio says:

      There is only one reason why the Mayor will not give a straight answer. He is a politician and his very first concern is his own interests, especially if he is considering running in the upcoming elections. Honesty and politics generally do not mix. I hope that Hondoq remains unspoilt by monuments of greed. Keep the pressure up people of Gozo.

    15. Joseph says:

      Why has the Qala local council not answered my comment? So I am going to re post my earlier plain and simple question

      @ Qala Local Council .Plain and simple .We need to know where all of you stand? Qala said a very healthy no when the referendum was held ten years ago . All councillors should state where they stand

      • Jane Carr says:

        I agree Joseph, and would also like to re-post my original question:-

        “So, can the Labour Party, on a local or national level, state clearly where they stand on the proposed development at Hondoq (WHETHER OR NOT the developers make modifications to their proposal)?”