Wirt Ghawdex calls for set up of Citadel management team

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Citadel management team needed following the restorationsIn a statement issued today Wirt Ghawdex said that “in the past it had appealed to the Government for action to be taken with regards to the precarious state of the top portion of St. John’s Cavalier. It had deteriorated to such an extent that it was in danger of collapsing and was a serious danger to visitors who daily visit and walk around the area.Citadel management team needed following the restorations“Today, we are pleased to note that this cavlier has been beautifully restored as part of the Cittadella Master Plan. The impeccable restoration work that is going on is well on its way to uncovering the original beauty of this impressive landmark.”

The NGO continued, “once this restoration work is complete, it will become even more important that a Cittadella Management Team is set up to ensure that this national monument is not allowed to deteriorate to its previous state again and also to manage ongoing maintenance work and activities around all the site.

“This committee should be composed of representatives from all stakeholders within the Cittadella including Wirt Ghawdex. While this option has been discussed often and at length, it is now time to make a final decision so that it is ready to take over from the restoration team once the project is completed,” Wirt Ghawdex concluded.

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    2 Responses

    1. raymond agius says:

      Now it’s time for the pole with a flag.Thanks and well done for the work.

    2. Elizabeth Bugeja says:

      I agree that there should be a committee responsable for the good keeping of the Citadel. But we the citizens have to do our part as well in the up keeping of the Citadel , for us, our children and all those many who visit.

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