“Gozo, where songbirds are still shot for sport”

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"Gozo, where songbirds are still shot for sport"Readers Letter – “Tweet, tweet, tweet – Blam! Blam! Yes! It’s hunting season in Gozo again. All those cute little songbirds who had a lousy, wet summer in England and Northern Europe are now heading south for warmer climes, their little suitcases packed with suntan oil, mosquito repellent, beach towels and pina colada mix.

Nearly to their destination, they spot a little island in the southern Mediterranean called Gozo, known as the ‘Jewel of the Mediterranean.’

“Hey, check it out guys” one songbird says. “A nice stop to rest our tired wings.” They look down, they see other little songbirds in tiny cages, chirping and decide to land. Left runway approach into the wind, landing gear down, they alight in Gozo and – blam! End of songbird. End of story.

Yes, this is Gozo where songbirds are still shot for sport. As I walked the cliffs of Xlendi a couple of weeks ago I was stunned to see all the hunters out, nets, songbirds stuck in tiny cages as bait, and big rough, tough men dressed in army fatigues (oh ha), ‘hiding in their little stone built hideaways, shotguns at the ready to – what?! Blast a tiny songbird full of holes from a couple yards away??!! They call themselves sportsmen???? How?!

What a laugh regarding yourself a sportsman for hitting a bird with shotgun spray at only a few yards. I mean, the skill! You could hit an cockroach at that range with a shotgun. How do these men (and I use the term ‘men’ sarcastically) feel big and tough about that?

I am not making a comment, I am asking an honest question. How is this considered a sport? What am I missing to understand this? Some enlightenment would help.”

Bobbi Jones.

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    4 Responses

    1. george palmer says:

      Brilliant letter. These ‘men’ are mentally ill and are condoned by the government. The only requirements for this ‘sport’ is a shotgun, a licence (to break the law) and a tiny twisted brain. It all brings shame on these otherwise beautiful islands.

    2. Mary Ghio says:

      How very sad. There is absolutely no rational logic to this barbaric so called sport and these rambos must have feathers for brains.

    3. peter smith says:

      This is a sad story about the beautiful island of gozo. Shame on the law. gozo is small enough that the supervision does see these things happening, but either they look the other way, or are they are getting recompensed. take the birds and the nets, and frequently go to the site of where these birds are getting shot and trapped. put these people in jail and fine them..Its the law
      Keep gozo beautiful

    4. Mario Ruggier says:

      It’s amazing that shotguns are allowed in Gozo, and for that matter, Malta…. what is the use of having guns ? Appeasing so called “hunters” by allowing them to own guns is simply shortsightedness on the government’s part…. other than small little birds such as quail and turtle doves,what else is there to “hunt” on the island?.
      Deer, moose,black bear, coyote,wild turkey,and countless other “game animals” are generally hunted here in Canada,you apply for a gun permit,You Must undergo tests and exams before you are granted a gun permit,Police will do a background check on you prior to issuing a permit,if you were convicted of a violent criminal offense you are turned down.
      Hunting here also involves permits,and they are all “game specific” a ton of checks and balances before you get one.Penalties are extremely harsh if you hunt without a permit,or out of season. There are entire forces overlooking the whole affair called “game wardens”,these guys also over see fishing,licenses are needed,seasons are dictated, quotas are in place year long…it’s called resource management and you better not get caught or you will loose your boat trailer and the car that towed it,with no recourse in court!
      Shooting quails and turtle doves in Gozo is just wrong on all fronts,worst part about it is it’s government sanctioned!

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