White tiger controversy at visiting circus in Ghajnsielem

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White tiger controversy at visiting circus in GhajnsielemReaders Letter – “I am a resident of Ghajnsielem and would like to put forward a couple of joint questions to Ghajnsielem FC and Ghajnsielem Council.

1. The Football Club and Council are complicit with a travelling Circus which has set up on the football pitch in Ghajnsielem. The circus has, as one of it’s main attractions, a large adult White Tiger.

In order to maximise potential profit, the tiger has been put on public display in a cage just a few metres square. Were the Football Club aware of the inclusion of a White Tiger before this ‘deal’ was aranged? Were the council aware of it too?

2. Despite what Circus owner’s would like you to believe, there is no way a White Tiger can be “trained” other than by fear, cruelty, food baiting and intimidation.

Nails, sticks (referred to as ‘guiders’ by the circus bosses) electric probes and other pain stimulating torture devices are all used to ‘encourage’ the animal to due stupid stunts that it was never intended to do in it’s natural environment. A massive fine has just been imposed on a USA International Circus after one of it’s retired lion trainers ‘spilled the beans’ and told the truth about training techniques.

Were/are Ghajnsielem FC and the Council aware of this cruelty?

Are they prepared to just turn a blind eye and thus be publicly complicit in this cruelty by allowing the Tiger to ‘perform’ such un-natural and demeaning stunts in the name of ‘entertainment’?

3. Will either Ghajnsielem FC or the Council make any money out of this obscenity?

4. What is the policy of the Football Club and Council regarding compassion to animals?

I realise that animal cruelty does take place in this world. Circuses have an extremely bad record within this sphere….but why, oh why have the Football Club and Council so eagerly seen fit to condone it?”

Philip Slater


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    3 Responses

    1. Mary Armour says:

      I travelled to India to see real live tigers and what a thrill to see them in their natural environment, their territory, not ours. Live animals in circuses should be banned and should be boycotted in order to put a stop to them being trained to do things that are alien to them.

    2. Tony Stivala says:

      I agree totally Mary, I have been told that they also had an anteater in that circus
      Come on……. what is an anteater doing in a circus, the only tricks he knows is how to find ants and termites and eats them. It is cruel to keep him caged when God gave him the sense to go and search for ants

    3. Martina says:

      Unfortunately I visited the circus in ghajnsielem and have video footage of that white tiger, yes she looks beautiful and i have never seen a white tiger in person. She wasn’t very happy in that small cage, she was growling and breathing very heavy. Everyone that seen her said it was cruel for her to be stuck in such a confined space with flood lights shinning on her face. I was told why she didnt take part in the show, because she was not stable and they were afraid to take her out of the cage…..they should not allow tigers in the circus they belong in their natural habitat.

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