GUG gives its support to Bethlehem f’Ghajnsielem

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GUG gives its support to Bethlehem f'GhajnsielemThe Gozo University Group said in a statement this afternoon that “it is with displeasure that we came to know that this year’s 5th edition of the nativity village Bethlehem f’Ghajnsielem is not going to be held.

“Each year it is a hub of activity, attracting Maltese, tourists and Gozitans alike. The logistics involved to recreate such a village, which incorporates several temporary structures, are a problem faced each year and thus GUG believes theses should remain permanent.”

“The Ghajnsielem local council,” GUG continued, “has ‘proposed development of a rural recreational park in Ghajnsielem which will also incorporate a number of permanent structures which can eventually be used for the annual traditional live crib.’ However no permits have been issued yet by MEPA, pending relocation of the plans to an area inside the development zone.”

GUG concluded that “itwould like to express its support for this proposal that has the potential to create a popular attraction, showcasing Gozo’s rural and cultural identity.”

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    1. albert says:

      This was an absolute winner for all .I cannot have enough words to describe how sad and angry I am .Then we hear that Mepa has got four applications for hotels here in Gozo ..Isn`t this initiative by Mr Ciangura enough for Mepa .Why do they have to pass these people from all these hassles

      Betlehem in Ghajnsielem has set up excellent idea in Gozo`s diary

      See what we will be missing MEPA

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