September’s cruise passengers increased by 17.7% on 2011

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September's cruise passengers increased by 17.7% on 2011Cruise passengers for September stood at 80,048, an increase of 17.7 per cent over 2011. Forty-five cruise liner calls were recorded during the month, according to figures released by the National Statistics Office.

Decreases were noted in both the number of embarkations (-36.5 per cent) and in the number of disembarkations (-34.1 per cent), while transit passengers advanced by 34.3 per cent. In absolute terms, cruise passengers in transit numbered 69,564, and constituted the absolute majority of cruise passenger traffic. Cruise passengers between the age of 60 and 79 comprised the largest proportion of passengers (39.3 per cent) and were followed by visitors falling in the 40-59 age group (33.5 per cent). Female passengers marginally outnumbered males and stood at 40,553.

Cruise passengers from EU Member States totalled 61,148, the majority of whom came from Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy, amounting to 17,568, 11,966 and 11,775 respectively. The highest increase in passengers was registered in the British market, which almost quadrupled when compared to the corresponding month in 2011. In contrast, the Italian market dropped by 26.2 per cent.

Cruise passengers from Non-EU countries reached 18,900, an increase of 44.8 per cent over last year. This upward shift was mainly brought about by a substantial increase in the American market, when compared to 2011.

Cruise passenger traffic for the period January to September 2012 amounted to 473,658, an increase of 13.7 per cent over the cumulative period in 2011. Passengers from EU Member States amounted to 386,626, or 81.6 per cent of the total.

Most passengers came from Germany (134,226), Italy (78,335) and the UK (42,196). These nationalities accounted for 53.8 per cent of total cruise passengers. Visitors from outside the EU numbered 87,032 – almost at par with the figure for last year.

Most cruise passengers fell in the 40-59 age bracket (166,850), and were followed by those aged between 60 and 79 (140,155).

In all, there were 238 cruise liner calls in the first three quarters, each carrying an average of 1,990 passengers.

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