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Stop indiscriminate uprooting of trees - Moviment GraffittiMoviment Graffitti is once again appealing to the authorities “to stop the indiscriminate uprooting of trees that has been taken place for the last number of years. It’s very clear that those responsible for the planning and embellishment of roads, plazas, gardens etc have no affinity whatsoever for the natural environment, since in such type of ‘development,’ trees are often the first victims.

“The proposed uprooting of trees as part of the City Gate Valletta project is just another case of such officially endorsed, indiscriminate uprooting, following the recent devastation carried out among others in Marsa, Cospicua, Luqa and Mellieha.”

Moviment Graffitti stated, “we are fed up of putting pressure on to end this massacre. It is a big hypocrisy that whilst Government boasts of such concepts as environmental sustainabilty and protection, is drastically inept from implementing this ideology in practice. The ‘Tree 4 U’ Campaign is just a buzz word to alienate prople from the environmental disaster being sustained on a regular basis by the authorities themselves.

“In view of the fact that in most gardens, trees are being uprooted to be replaced by concrete, and in embellishment projects long-standing trees are being uprooted to be replaced by other expensive ones, running into thousands of euros per tree, Moviment Graffitti questions, in whose interest is this taking place? Who is benefiting from this situation, some particular developers or us citizens who are paying for these projects with our own taxes?”

Moviment Graffitti said that it is “once again appealing for this type of massacre to stop and for actions to be taken to safeguard present trees whilst ensuring that those which for justifiable reasons, cannot remain in their original place, are uprooted in a professional manner so as to be duly planted in another safe place.

“At present, the trees that are being uprooted are being butchered and would surely not be in a position to survive if planted elsewhere.”

As a result, Moviment Graffitti sustains, “If it is true that you treasure the natural environment. Stop the hypocrisy. Stop uprooting trees!”

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    1. John Abela says:

      God grant us life on mother earth and yet we still find a way to kill her slowly .

      This massacre of trees is at Gozo too, specially at Nadur in Ghajn Qasab Valley trees are going to die of contaminated water which is coming from under a new cemetery of 630 tombs so you see what kind of life this fruit trees have!!!!!!

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