MEPA statement clarifies its policy on the uprooting of trees

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MEPA statement clarifies its policy on the uprooting of treesWith reference to various statements made in the media yesterday, the Malta Environment and Planning Authority said that it would like to “clarify its policy on uprooting of trees.”

“When assessing new development projects, the Authority favours the retention of mature trees wherever possible.

“Specific permits for uprooting trees are required in certain cases; however the Authority has repeatedly encouraged the safeguarding of trees even in projects where the trees were not protected through legislation.”

MEPA continued, “if on the other hand the retention of such trees is not possible due to project constraints, transplantation within the same site or to a different location is required. If this is not possible the Authority may in exceptional circumstances allow for the removal of such trees and request compensatory planting whereby the number of the new trees will have to be significantly higher than that removed.”

“All projects are assessed taking into consideration the specific site context, while also evaluating requirements related to cultural heritage and infrastructure, among other issues.,” MEPA concluded.

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    1. July Muscat says:

      I hope that the Planning Authority will be more careful what kind of permeation they gave to developers , every body know what happened to the citrus trees at Nadur

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