CEPEJ meeting in Gozo attended by judges from 35 States

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CEPEJ meeting in Gozo attended by judges from 35 StatesThe Minister of Justice Chris Said addressed the seventh Plenary session of the Network of Pilot Courts set up within the framework of the CEPEJ (European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice), which was held in Gozo between the 26th and 28th September 2012.

The CEPEJ, which has recently celebrated its tenth year anniversary, together with its three Commissions, GT-EVAL, GT-QUAL and SATURN, has provided a sterling service to the Council of Europe and has ensured the promotion of the Rule of Law and Fundamental Human Rights in Europe as provided for by the European Convention on Human Rights.

The CEPEJ, whose role is to promote the quality of justice together with spearheading innovative time-reduction and time-management projects, is one of the Commissions set up by the Council of Europe within the Directorate General of Human Rights and Legal Affairs.

As members of the Council of Europe and of CEPEJ, Malta firmly believes that the promotion of the right to liberty and security, the right to a fair trial, the right to an effective remedy and the prohibition of any sort of discrimination all provided for the Convention are essential in today’s democracies and are living proof of the will of the people to advance in their rights while ensuring that their duties are respected too.

The conference, hosted by the Ministry of Justice, was attended by judges from 35 States as well as senior judges from Morocco. Together these discussed the possibility of seeking for best practices on court file management and transmission of cases from one judge to another judge, the role of judicial experts in the quality of justice and possible guidelines on the organisation and accessibility of court premises.

Malta was represented by Magistrate Dr Francesco Depasquale.

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