Renovation work being carried out around San Lawrenz

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Renovation work being carried out around San LawrenzThe San Lawrenz Local Council is currently implementing a project towards sustainable tourism, which is being co-financed through Measures 313 and 323 of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development of the European Union. The funds were acquired through the support of MEUSAC, whch gives advice in the submission of applications for projects co-financed by the EU.

Full details of the project were given during a visit to the area by the Minister for Justice, Public Dialogue and the family, Chris Said and the Head of MEUSAC Vanni Xuereb. Also on site were the San Lawrenz Mayor Anthony Formosa and Councillors.

The locality of San Lawrenz is presently undergoing restoration work on the square and alleys and the Natura 2000 site at Dwejra will see the improvement of facilities for bird-watchers. There will also be an information facility for visitors. “This project will complement the restoration work carried out on the the façade of the San Lawrenz church, which work was also made possible by funding from the European Union,” the Minister said.

Last year MEUSAC helped five Gozitan Local Councils acquire € 2.3 million between them through Measures 313 and 323 of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, these included apart from San Lawrenz, Munxar, Qala, Sannat and Gharb.

The Minister explained that all these projects will help create jobs in areas such as agri-tourism, eco-tourism and cultural tourism. He said that the ultimate goal remains the enhancement of the countryside and the restoration of historic and rural areas which will lead to more visitors and tourists visiting the locations and their attractions.

The Head of MEUSAC Vanni Xuereb said that local councils have become the biggest beneficiaries of European funding through the help of MEUSAC. During the last four years, MEUSAC helped Local Councils and NGOs to acquire € 18 million through various European Union programmes which is being used to implement 127 different projects and initiatives.

Mayor Anthony Formosa, having explained the objectives of the project, thanked MEUSAC for their help with the project, which is worth around one million euros.

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