“Labour said that our demands were possible” – FKNK

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“Labour said that our demands were possible” - FKNKThe Federation for Hunting & Conservation – Malta (FKNK) issued a statement this evening in which it refers to the article published in the issue of the Sunday Times of the 23rd September 2012 where FKNK said it was stated that: “The Labour Party has promised hunters it will amend legislation regulating the spring and autumn hunting seasons as well as the number of birds which can be shot, according to the hunters’ federation president.”

FKNK secretary-general Lino Farrugia said in the statement that “this article in both its factual content and in the corresponding implications is, in its most important aspects misleading, untrue and incorrect. This ‘right-of-reply’ media release is precisely being made to clarify matters and state the truth, as the FKNK has always done:”

The statement continued, “The FKNK President, Mr Perici Calascione never made the above statement;

“The fact that the FKNK has been involved in continuous discussions with representatives of the Labour Party on a technical basis has been publicly stated before and is no secret. The same can be said for meetings that have resumed with the Nationalist Party, also on a technical platform. The FKNK has always and will continue to do its utmost to safeguard the rights of its thousands of members and such meetings (as is the case with meetings on other areas represented by their respective associations and entities) normally culminate close to general elections time in official declarations issued by the FKNK on the position of both parties on the issue; no more, no less;

“The FKNK has not recently requested revision of hunting and trapping regulations with any emphasis on a tenfold increase in the bag limit. The FKNK has been requesting revision of regulations, including to the 2010 framework legislation, since enactment of Legal Notice 79 of 2006, and NEVER made any emphasis on a tenfold increase in the bag limit. This ‘tenfold increase’ is nothing short of a manipulation of an FKNK Press Conference address of the 10thinstant, which can be accessed from here.”

“Whilst it is not clear as to what occasioned the grave misrepresentation of facts contained in this article, the extent of such misrepresentation is very substantial and goes well beyond what may normally be acceptable and thus required immediate redress.” FKNK said it “would like to think that the incorrectness of this article is not occasioned by any particular underlying agenda which has nothing to do with the facts at issue.”

“To try to warp facts and statements to make them sound blatantly in favour of one political party or another,” the FKNK said, “is not really sound journalism and if this article is anything to go by, then the FKNK feels sympathy for our citizens that are only being fed sensational elements interpreted in a manner that aspire to reach the agenda of a particular journalist or other.”

The FKNK concluded its statement by saying that “in view of the implications of various incorrect and untrue statements in this article, the FKNK will be seeking legal advice in order to safeguard its interests and those of its members.”

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