MCCA warning not to use 9-Stepladder GI 200 ‘Dogrular’

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MCCA warning not to use 9-Stepladder GI 200 'Dogrular’The Technical Regulations Division within the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority (MCCAA) would like to notify all consumers who bought a 9-Stepladder GI 200 branded ‘Dogrular,’ to stop using this product immediately.

The stepladder consists of nine steps and a top platform with a GI 200 embossed on it. The stepladder could be distinguished by the orange colour of the plastic parts.

The GI 200 stepladder does not conform to the applicable EU Directives and thus poses serious risk to consumers as the material it is made of is thinner than that allowed by the standard. In view of this, the ladder could fail during usage posing a risk of injury to users. Hence the product is being withdrawn from the market and recalled from consumers.

The Technical Regulations Division of the Authority advises all consumers that have bought this type of stepladder to stop using and to return it to the place of purchase.

Consumers who wish to report any unsafe product may do so directly on the Authority’s website

For any further clarifications, one can always contact the Technical Regulations Division of the MCCAA on 2395 2000.

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    1. James A. Tyrrell says:

      The name Dogrular should give a clue to where these are made. Yeah that’s right they are made in China and the Chinese probably think that Dogrular is a good name for a ladder! Why would anyone in their right mind trust their safety or the safety of their family to some piece of rubbish made in China?

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