Romeo u Guljetta at the Teatru Govanni in Xewkija

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Romeo u Guljetta at the Teatru Govanni in XewkijaGhaqda Drammatika of Xewkija will open Teatru Govanni to host a Maltese group Ghaqda Teatrali Dun Mikiel Xerri, with a 3-act comedy Romeo u Guljetta by Frans Pullicino, under the direction of Paul Aquilina.

The story is about Is-Sur Kustanz, a rich widower, who orders two gypsum statues of Romeo and Juliet, to celebrate the engagement with his beloved Doris, a widow but unfortunately with a slight hearing defect. Ganni, the sculptor is informed that his works for is-Sur Kustanza are lost in sea due to a shipwreck, so he starts piloting a Plan B together with is-Sur Kustanz’s servants: Indri and Cetta.

The play promises to be an evening of pure humour which will surely keep the audience tied to their seat together with the involvement of the local Chaplain, the Mayor and his wife, the local band and practically the whole village in a typical Maltese comedy which must not be missed!

Make sure to book a seat for the performance on Saturday, the 6th of October at Teatru Govanni in Xewkija by using one of the following numbers: 79069730 or 79204674. The show starts at 7.30pm.

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