Malta is a role model for the European region – WHO

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Malta is a role model for the European region - WHOWHO Regional Director for Europe, Zsuzsanna Jakab, praised Maltas’ achievements in the Health Sector during these last years. While addressing members of the press on the occasion of the signing of the Biannual Collaborative Agreement between Malta and WHO, Ms Jakab said that Malta is a role model for the European region and that the advances the country made within the health care sector are remarkable.

Ms Jakab said that since occupying the post of Regional Director she followed closely these achievements in particular in the number of strategies and policies Malta has adopted during these last three to four years. “This country has adopted a large amount of policies, such as Obesity, Non Communicable Diseases, Sexual Health and Cancer, in such a short time, an indication of efficient health leadership,” said Ms Jakab.

The agreement being signed again today is yet another proof of the will Malta has to further improve, and this strengthens the role model Malta has become said the Regional Director.

Joe Cassar, Minister for Health, the Elderly and Community Care said that collaboration between Malta and the World Health Organisation has been going on for several years and such agreements result in various projects and initiatives within the Health department, which were fulfilled thanks to financial and technical expert advice.

Minister Cassar said that the agreement signed today is part of a six year collaboration agreement between the WHO European Regional office and the Ministry (2008 – 2013), which comprises the period of the World Health Organisation strategic plan.

This agreement with Malta is based on a number of key priorities and takes into account the public health situation in the country as well as the national health authorities contribution. The aim of such Biennial Contribution Agreement (BCA) is to enforce Health and increase Health distribution Equality in the population.

The chosen priorities for this collaboration for the period between 2012 and 2013 are in the following three areas:

1. The development of the Promotion of Health and the Disease Prevention strategy.

2. The implimentation of the National Environment Health Action Plan

3. The improvement in the necessary resources for the implementation of the strategy which addresses the Health social factors in order to ensure that the Health system reaches everyone concerned in an equal manner.

Ms Jakab concluded the press conference by thanking Minister Cassar and his team for the efforts involved in the organisation and preparation of the 62nd session of the Regional Committee which is being held in Malta between Monday and Thursday.

Between today and tomorrow over 28 Ministers for Health, 480 delegates and 50 accompanying persons are arriving in Malta for the regional committee.

HRH Princess Mary of Denmark who is patron of WHO, Dr Margaret Chan the Director General of WHO, will also be attending.

Photograph – Zsuzsanna Jakab, WHO Regional Director for Europe (Photo: WHO).

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