Urgent warning of infectious computer screen virus issued

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virus.jpgAn urgent worldwide warning has been issued regarding a new highly infectious virus which is able to infect computer screens, the virus has been identified as a new strain of the Loof-Lirpa variant, which previously only infected computers.

The new virus appears to be rapidly spreading throughout the internet, so far it is not known where it originated from.

Fortunately the anti-virus companies have released a speedy cure which also immunises uninfected computer screens.

All computer users are therefore advised to have their screens cleansed immediately by clicking on this link and loading the screen cleaner in their browser. If you experience any difficulty loading the file please follow this link for further information on Loof Lirpa.

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    1. John Edwards says:

      Great April Fools Story!

    2. Suzanna Kirby (Scotland) says:

      Ha!ha! i like it * What a Load of HogWash.
      Pull t’other its got bells on it *

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