54 dogs & 23 kittens rehomed by Gozo SPCA so far in 2012

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54 dogs & 23 kittens rehomed by Gozo SPCA so far in 2012Gozo SPCA announced in a statement today that it has rehomed 54 dogs and 23 kittens so far this year, all of whom were neutered and all the dogs microchipped. This compares to 52 dogs and 73 kittens and cats in 2011.

The Association said that it has also reunited several owners with their lost pets, plus have released many neutered kittens back to their cat colonies. “This has only been possible due to the amazing support we have received from so many people.”

“Our website, facebook page, gozonews.com, plus other media including di-ve.com, The Times and The Independent have all been a vital part in our rehoming success. Plus, of course, all the volunteers at our centre, who have recuperated, trained, walked, fed, and generally loved our animals to get them ready for a forever home,” Gozo SPCA said.

The Association said that it owes a massive thanks to AAA, Noahs Ark, Island Sanctuary and Malta SPCA for their help in rehoming the animals. “We all work very closely together, helping each other out when we can.”

“Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, both individuals, and charities like Dogs Trust UK and Marchig Trust, we have also been able to neuter 199 cats so far in 2012 (and 405 last year), plus numerous dogs.”

Gozo SPCA concluded that it has also engraved over 500 ID tags for dogs and cats, making it easier for lost pets to be returned to their owners.

Photograph – Alf is one of the dogs waiting for a loving home.

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    1. Gozo SPCA says:

      Thank you Gozonews – your support is invaluable.

      If anyone needs an ID tag for their pet (and for dogs its now a legal requirement), they can be ordered from us for € 3 – that covers the tag, engraving, and postage within the Maltese Islands – please email us on info@spca-gozo.org for further details

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