Gharb set to charm during this weekend of Seher il-Punent

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Seher-il-Punent-Crafts.JPGThe second edition of ‘Seher il-Punent’ was inaugurated on Friday by the Minister for Gozo, Giovanna Debono, in the presence of the mayor and councillors of Gharb Local Council, principal organisers of this festival.

Gharb is synonymous with tradition, folklore, natural and historical characteristics which have been conserved and are well ingrained in the villagers’ present way of life. These characteristics are also part of the unique Gozitan attractions which appeal to so many foreign and domestic tourists who visit the island each year.

The festival, spread over three days between 28 and 30 March, is primarily aimed at promoting these aspects, potentially attracting the audience from across the channel by providing a mixture of cultural and entertaining activities. This also makes the organisers eligible for financial support of the Ministry for Gozo’s, Gozo Attractions Incentive Scheme under the National Lotteries Good Causes Fund.

On inaugurating this event, the Minister for Gozo expressed her appreciation of this initiative taken by the Gharb Local Council, which increases the potential attractions of Gozo amongst the domestic market especially during the less popular months. The Minister also referred to the increase in tourists who visited the island during the past years and explained how projects carried out during the past legislature were addressed at enhancing quality of life on Gozo whilst strengthening Gozo’s tourism product.

The programme of events organised for ‘Seher il-Punent’ include walking tours, visits to museums and other significant places within the locality, art and craft exhibitions, re-enactment of past traditions, music and entertainment with food-stalls serving traditional food in the main square. The re-enactment of ‘Il-Qiegha’ and the tribute band ZU2 are expected to be two of the most popular attractions.

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