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Feast of St George celebrated around the streets of Victoria

Feast of St George celebrated around the streets of VictoriaThe Feast of St George is being celebrated in Victoria today. This morning at the Bishop of Gozo, Mario Grech, accompanied by the Basilica Chapter and clergy, lead a procession from the Episcopal Palace in Republic Street to St George’s Basilica. This was followed by a Pontifical concelebrated Mass

The Prime Minister, Dr Lawrence Gonzi was also in attendance.

The San Gorg (Hal Qormi) and San Mikiel (Haz-Zabbar) Bands lead the popular band march through the centre of Victoria, ending in St George’s Square.

This evening Archpriest Mgr Paul Cardona will lead pontifical vespers, followed by the appearance of the statue of St George. with the religious hymn Georgius natus est (Can. Joe Mejlak – Prof. Joseph Vella). A Pontifical procession will follow with the statue of St George, led by Mgr Joseph Gauci with the participation of the La Stella Band.

St Georges Feast will conclude when the statue arrives back into St George’s Square at around 10pm, from where it will be carried into the Basilica.

The evening’s entertainment will finish with a band march by the La Stella from Republic Street to St George’s Square.

Photographs by Alain Salvary.

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