Gozo Ministry condemns MUMN allegations on Gozo Hospital

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Gozo Ministry condemns MUMN allegations on Gozo HospitalThe Ministry for Gozo in a statement this afternoon said that it “condemns the unjust and irresponsible attack made by MUMN against the Gozo General Hospital, which could only cause alarm among patients.”

“In recent years services and medical care has been increased on the island. The services provided by the hospital both meet and comply with the standards set out in Malta’s health sector. Furthermore, the Government has improved the facilities, medical equipment, infrastructure and environment of the hospital.”

The Ministry for Gozo said that it has over the years continuously improved the existing hospital services in Gozo, while also introducing new ones. These works include improvements to the CCU department, wards refurbishment and work on the roof, the project will now continue with work on the corridors and outpatient section

“Hospital services in Gozo have been strongly improved by the opening of a new Radiology Department reducing the need for Gozitan patients to travel to Malta. Cases in point are those of patients receiving treatment for cancer who need to have regular CT scans, these can now be carried out at the GGH. In the coming weeks a new bone density service will be operational as a result of the same project,” the Ministry said.

This will be followed by another project for the restructuring of the operating theatres. New, modern equipment has also been purchased for use in the theatre suites.

The Ministry said that sevices have improved for patients, doctors, nurses, paramedics and other employees at the hospital, through investments made.

“Work on projects had to be coordinated so that the day-to-day running of the hospital and the services offered, continued without any cause for interruption.”

“While medical services had been increased, so the number of nurses will also increase. Regular discussions regarding this matter are taking place in the interest of patients,” the Ministry said.

The Ministry for Gozo said that it would like to “reassure the public in Gozo and anyone needing the services of the Gozo General Hospital, that the care and services provided at the hospital are always given in the most responsible and professional manner by all employees. It is not true that there is any risk or hazard, as the MUMN claimed in its statement.”

The Ministry concluded by thanking all employees working at the Gozo General Hospital for their dedicated service to the benefit of patients.

Photo shows New equipment which arrived this week to be installed in the operations section of the Gozo General Hospital.

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    1. James A. Tyrrell says:

      The Gozo ministry didn’t know anything about the damage occurring to the fossil beds at Dwejra until they read about it in the Sunday paper yet they expect people to believe that they know more about the conditions in Gozo General Hospital than the nurses who work there. They can put as much equipment as they like into the hospital but that does not deal with the problems in the actual building itself. This is supposed to be a hospital for God’s sake not a shed for storing potatoes in! It is not acceptable to have cracks in walls and ceilings and damaged floors. It is not acceptable to have substandard air conditioning and a lack of air exchange in operating theatres. And it is certainly not acceptable to have rats running around the place at night. Rather than putting the country in debt for the next 20 years to fund his memorial in Valletta Gonzi could have provided Gozo with the hospital the Gozitan people deserve, if he gave a damn about anyone but himself.

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