Gozo Action Group Foundation launches call on landscaping

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Gozo Action Group Foundation launches call on landscapingThe Gozo Action Group Foundation under the Ministry for Resources and Rural Affairs has annnounced the same LAG under the LEADER Programme has just launched a call for Measure 410 – Action 413.4 of the Rural Development Programme for Malta (2007-2013).

The scope of this Measure 413 – Action 413.4 – Landscaping is to provide assistance to Local Councils to improve the landscaping of the area and contribute to increase the quality of life in rural areas.

Support will be applicable to actions that encourage the improvement of Gozo as a tourism product, making the region more attractive. Localities and surrounding areas will be enhanced through these kinds of initiatives, which in return will also create an increased awareness of local rural resources and the need for their conservation, both for future generations as well as improve the quality of life for all.

This action seeks to improve Gozo as a tourism product and ensure consistent and upgraded landscaping throughout the island. Interventions covered by this action include landscaping of public spaces, street furniture and lighting systems, embellishment of public spaces, cleaning of valleys and improvement of water catchment systems.

Applicants must demonstrate how the proposed project will build upon the rural dimension and physical setting in which the project will be located. It has to show how the project shall improve the landscaping of the area and contribute to increase the quality of life in rural areas.

The beneficiaries eligible for funding under this call are the Local Councils within the territory of the Gozo Action Group Foundation.

The total budget allocation under this call is capped at €354, 000. Beneficiaries will be granted up to 80% financial assistance should the proposed investment be selected. The deadline date is Friday the 17th of August 2012 at 12.00 p.m.

Applications can be obtained from the same foundation’s office situated at ‘2’ ‘Il-Mall’ Triq Gorgio Borg Olivier Street, Victoria Gozo.

Guidlines for 413.4 are available for download here and the application is available for download here.

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    4 Responses

    1. martin says:

      I am sure this is a good move and certain people have given this a lot of thought however I feel cleaning up the landscape from ileageal tips of waste and the mass of litter would benifit Gozo 100%.I never see any infomation about people being fined for dumping rubbish or shamed for dropping litter.I have stopped walking in certain areas because of dumped rubbish that attracts rats.This problem could be resolved quickly with a much tougher approach.I am sure local people must know who these people are who break the law and have no respect for anyone else.

    2. James Grima says:

      Not just cleaning dumping rubbish or tips of waste but much more than that, Gozo need to be solved fast from illegal development specially building with appeals, enforcement and so many other illegal construction

    3. Stella Grech says:

      @J.Grima you are right this Action Group Foundation should come to Nadur to see the catastrophe of that Cemetery it is still an eye sore even after five years of appeal from the farmers, if this Action Group really mean what they say it is an action that should be looked after.

    4. david cassar says:

      @ Stella Grech I fully agree with you .Now how about Hondoq ir Rummien and The development proposed on top of Ramla .Doesn`t these areas create more tourists???

      It`s about time that we mean business and leave our country side alone

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