Gozo SPCA issues urgent hot weather warning for pets

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Gozo SPCA issues urgent hot weather warning for petsGozo SPCA has issued a warning today about the hot weather and its affect on animals. It said that the local vet has already had several cases of heat stroke during this past week.

Termperatures are rising and seem to be staying that way. “Please remember to leave out water for your all your pets and make sure that there is somewhere that they can get out of the sun.”

Another case where heat stroke is a possibility is with dogs and other animals waiting in hot cars for the ferry, both in Malta and Gozo.

Gozo SPCA appeals to the public travelling with animals between the islands to take the following precautions:

Try to make the ferry journey in the cool of the early morning or late evening, but definitely avoid the hottest hours in the middle of the day.

Provide companion animals with fresh cool water to drink; it is important it is neither chilled, nor hot from the sun. Whilst waiting, keep side windows open and use screens on the front and rear windows.

Owners should not walk their dogs on tarmac in the heat of the day – if they try walking on it with bare feet themselves they will understand how hot tarmac burns a dog’s feet.

Owners should carry a wet towel in a cool bag to wrap around their pet if it becomes distressed and starts panting.

Heatstroke can be a life-threatening condition and should be treated seriously.

If a dog or cat shows signs of heat stroke (excessive panting or breathing difficulties) the owner should seek veterinary advice at once; immediate action may save the pet’s life.

Dogs should not be left in the ferry vehicle parking areas during the crossing and should never be left unattended in a car at any time, but especially during summer.

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