Beach Managers presented with Blue Flags for Gozo & Malta

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Beach Managers presented with Blue Flags for Gozo & MaltaMario de Marco, the Minister for Tourism, Culture and the Environment, today announced the commencement of the Blue Flag Season 2012.

The event included the presentation of Blue Flags to the Beach Managers of the five bays in Malta and one in Gozo that have been awarded the Blue Flag status.

They are Ramla l-Hamra in Gozo, the Riviera Bay in Ghajn Tuffieha, St George’s Bay, the Bugibba perched beach, Ghadira and Qawra point.

Another three beaches, namely Golden Bay, Fond Ghadir and the private bay at the Paradise Bay Resort Hotel in Cirkewwa were awarded the beach of quality award.

The Minister said that one of the criteria to achieve blue flag status was the bathing water quality.

The beach of quality award was given to those beaches which satisfied 70 per cent of the blue flag beach criteria.

The work for the beaches to get the blue flag award is coordinated between the Government, the Malta Tourism Authority and the Gaia Foundation.

The MTA managed four of the six beaches awarded the blue flag and financially assisted Gaia in the management of the other two – the Riviera and Ramla l-Hamra.

In all, the MTA invested around €700,000 in beach management including lifeguards, sand sifting, supervision and water quality tests.

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    7 Responses

    1. Dietmar Treptow says:

      Good Idea !
      I hope the beach in Marsalforn will get the Blue Flag sometimes .
      In the moment it is a mess!

      Big boulders and the rubbish from the valley – what a nice beach !
      The Hotel (where a member of the GCA works) do nothing for the cleaning.
      Shame !

    2. James A. Tyrrell says:

      “The Minister said that one of the criteria to achieve blue flag status was the bathing water quality.” That being the case why was blue flag status not awarded to Hondoq which has the best bathing water quality on Gozo? Perhaps the Government thought that such status for Hondoq would upset their plans to hand it over to their developer friends.

    3. david cassar says:

      Hondoq should have been awarded the blue flag status a long time ago. But it seems there is always somebody behind the scenes making all it can so Hondoq will not be given importance. As a matter of fact even the bus does not go to Hondoq when Arriva goes to most of the bays in Gozo, some of them much less popular than Hondoq for example San Blas bay.

      Also Mr Tyrrell, only just recently Hondoq was discovered because only now it was printed on the Gozo Channel map of Gozo .How about that???

    4. Sammy Borg says:

      Your`e back James. I was hopin you disappeared.

      Only mother nature dictates the water quality, depending which way the currents flow. The rest is up to the people as to how clean they keep their beaches and how much money the Govt. invests on them.


    5. James A. Tyrrell says:

      Unlike you Sammy, or whatever name you are hiding behind at the moment, I’ve never been away.

      So according to you water quality is all down to mother nature, but then you change your mind and say the people have a say in it as well. Be nice if you made your mind up, but that aside what exactly has this got to do with what is being discussed here? Hondoq has the clearest waters anywhere on Gozo so why wasn’t it awarded blue flag status by the Government? Are they worried about losing all those big fat brown envelopes?

    6. Sammy Borg says:

      The water is were you swim. The beach is were you sit your bum and soak the sun.

      What would you know about Hondoq`s water quality from wherever you say you`re from. Just cause you say you visit every year, doesn`t mean anything.

      Pretty sure you can`t even tell us anything bout Tyrella beach in DownPatrick, which is as you state in your own backyard.

      Ahh James you never give up!!!


    7. joe cutajar ny says:

      If any flags are to be given to any of the beaches in Malta and Gozo ,Hondoq definatley should be one of the first beaches to get it ,unless there is something else in the way ??? Hondoq is the best beach ever !!! What a GEM of a place !!!!!

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