185 students participate in 14th edition of Skola Sport Gozo

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185 students participate in 14th edition of Skola Sport Gozo185 Gozitan students have successfully completed the 14th edition of the sports programme organised by Skola Sport at the Gozo Sports Complex. This year the students who participated in the sports programme, had the option to train in thirteen different disciplines.

During the course of the year, students also attended other sporting events in Gozo, includingr a variety of recreational activities, including a sports day on Ramla Beach and hiking in the countryside.

This edition of Skola Sport also encompassed Notte Gozitana, with an outdoor activity held in the grounds of the Citadel, during which the students took part in a variety of exercises and games. This activity was also attended by a number of parents and relatives of students, who greatly enjoyed watching the sporting skills of their children. Following this activity each student who had participated was awarded a commemorative medal.

The Skola Sport programme will continue in November with the ongoing registration of students and free transportation from any village center in Gozo and back, will of course be provided for every student who attends Skola Sport.

During this year, the Ministry for Gozo has invested in the purchase of new equipment for the Sports Complex in Gozo. In addition it is currently carrying out roof maintenance work at the complex, which of course is due to be completed prior to the start of the next programme.

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