600 people participate in ‘Health First’ event in Victoria

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600 people participate in 'Health First' event in VictoriaApproximately 600 people participated in a ‘Health First’ event organised recently at the Villa Rundle Gardens in Victoria, by the Health Awareness Committee within the Gozo General Hospital. The event was held as part of the activities related to Lejlet Lapsi Notte Gozitana 2012.

Those who attended were able to take advantage of the various services offered, which included body mass index (BMI), blood pressure reading, blood glucose testing, intraocular pressure reading and dental care. There was also a doctor present to offer medical advice, as well as nurses and nutritionists.

The most popular test proved to be the blood glucose reading with 227 people made up of 125 women and 102 men. The youngest person was a 6-year old boy and the most elderly was an 83-year old man. This was followed by blood pressure reading checks with 180 people made up of 97 female and 83 male. The ages of those persons ranged from between10 and 84 years of age.

102 people had a BMI check made up of 60 women and 42 men whose ages ranged between 13 and 73 years old. Any persons found to be overweight or obese were given advice on adapting to a healthier lifestyle. Six people applied to attend weight management classes, being held in collaboration between the Gozo General Hospital and the Gozo Sports Complex.

Intraocular pressure readings were carried out on 42 people made up of 24 women and 18 men, aged between 39 and 69. In addition 24 people were assisted in filling out organ donation applications.

This was the second event of it kind organised by the Committee, the previous one was held in March, which was also very successful.

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