Movie ‘Fort Ross’ being filmed in the Qbajjar area of Gozo

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Movie 'Fort Ross' being filmed in the Qbajjar area of GozoXwejni, Qbajjar and the salt pans, have been completely changed by a purpose-built set, where scenes are being shot for the film ‘Fort Ross.’

Fort Ross, is being shot on the 200th anniversary of the setting up of a small Russian colony on the coast of California. The colony failed and was sold to a Mexican citizen of Swiss descent in 1941. The story of the film deals with a group of journalists who go back in time to reveal the reason for the failure of the colony, which had been set up in California in September 1812.

The film, which is being shot by Act Productions Europe Ltd and the Film Corporation, has helped generate income into the local economy, not only for the local area but across the island in recent weeks, through the provision of accommodation, food etc. for some 120 foreign artists and crew as well as the 130 local residents who took part in the filming as extras and 30 locals who were involved in the set building.

This film has a budget of $ 10 million and will be shown in cinemas and on several television stations across Europe, Russia and the United States.

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    2 Responses

    1. Lesley Kreupl says:

      While I can see the advantage to the local economy of having film sets on the island,
      I do hope that MEPA is taking more interest in this set than they did at Dwejra. Before, during and after the shooting! It would be very sad if the salt pans suffered the same sort of damage that the fossils did.

    2. Charles F says:

      Agree totally. Always good to see money coming in, but the heritage needs to be looked after. Remember watching one of my neighbours scraping up the salt several (forty sadly) years ago. Marketed correctly, Gozo salt could be worth a fortune!

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