Notte Scarlatta taking place over this weekend in Sannat

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Notte Scarlatta taking place over this weekend in SannatSannat Local Council is organsing the third edition of “Notte Scarlatta,” which is taking place over this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, the 2nd and 3rd of June, 2012. This year the activities are taking place in aid of Puttinu Cares.

There will be a number of different activities taking place over the two days, something for all the family to enjoy of historical value and from the modern era. There will be a Queen Elizabeth reenactment, a motorfest, drama, entertainment, live bands, children area, exhibitions, martial arts, tradition folklore, Gozo aquariums, cultural walks and much more.

The entertainment and activities will be held in and around the main square of Sannat.

The Puttinu Cares Cancer Support Group offers a holistic approach of care for families who have children suffering from cancer. Set up in 2002 by Dr Victor Calvagna and Rennie Zerafa, Puttinu Cares is a haven of solace for families whose children have been afflicted with cancer.

Currently this organisation is raising funds to build 12 apartments in the UK which will be only minutes away from the Royal Marsden Hospital, a specialist cancer treatment hospital.

This project is expected to cost a total of 3 million euros and is expected to accommodate some 400 Maltese and Gozitan patients for treatment in England each year.

The full programme of events of the two days is shown below.The full programme of events

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    3 Responses

    1. JOHN B CAMILLERI says:

      Well done Major; Mr.Philip Vella and all of the Local Council !

      I encourage not only all people of Ta’ Sannat to attend for these events, but others from all over the island of Gozo, as well those Maltese folks who happen to be in Gozo for the weekend.
      As the above program shows, on the two days there is always something of interest for all; young and old; music, history ,culture, car, animals lovers and what not.
      So make it a point as the forthcoming weekend.
      Ta’ Sannat is the place to visit.
      Sure you will enjoy it.
      So Don’t miss it!

    2. Tony Stivala says:

      Well said John and thanks to the Mayor Philip Vella who works relentlessly most of the time on his own, I don’t know how he keeps up with everything.
      For the benefit of the English speaking community, one must mention of course the actual re-enactment of her (then) Royal Highness Princess Elizabeth to the famous lace house of Ta’ Sannat (1951). This is going to involve 10 real old military motor cyclists and 4 military jeeps plus the involvement of the local people. Come and have a beer or two at one of the bars of as is known Piazzetta tax-xalina while watching the parade

    3. Philip Vella says:

      Ta’ Sannat Local Council is in favour of all the families, we want to show and teach residents and others the rich history of our beautiful village Ta’ Sannat. Ta’ Sannat Local Council cares about everybody while we are celebrating our events, we will be thinking of those families who are sad, because their children have been afflicted with cancer. These families needs help and that’s the idea of organizing such an event, while one is enjoying himself, he will be helping others. All the activities are in aid of Puttinu cares.

      I would like to thank Ghaqda Drammatika Sannat – est 1976, St’ Margaret Band club, Socjeta Ghaqda Armar, Sannat lions Football club and those who are coming for free to help others.. I am very proud to say that our village has a lot to offer to our isand. In ta’ Sannat we have a lot of prominent talents.

      So people you are all invited to come for this special event!!

      Thank you John and Tony you are fantastic..

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