Qala Creek project appeal hearing taking place on Tuesday

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Qala Creek project appeal hearing taking place on TuesdayThe appeal hearing on the proposed Hondoq project is to is to take place with the MEPA Board next Tuesday, the 22nd of May.

The hearing, which was originally due to take place last February, was postponed due to a legal issue and both MEPA and the developers had to respond within two months

The plans, which originally included the development of a large hotel, real estate units and a yacht marina, brought a public outcry. The developers then dropped the idea of the marina, limiting themselves to a ‘swimming lagoon’ for the proposed Qala Creek project.

MEPA had said that these amendments must be submitted in a new application. The postponement was then made to allow time for both MEPA and the developers of the proposed Qala Creek Project to respond on legal issues.

Environmental NGOs Moviment Harsien Hondoq, Flimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar, Ramblers Association, FOE Malta, Nature Trust, GUG, Din l-art helwa and Wirt Ghawdex, said in October 2011, that they had studied the 2009 EIS Co-ordinated Report where the developers themselves stated “the project would struggle if it had to be developed as a stand-alone hotel.” They say that the “project is expected to double the 5-star room capacity in Gozo, despite the current demand for five-star hotel properties in Gozo being weak.”

Both the environment unit and Transport Malta had recommended that the application be turned down.

The NGOs had urged MEPA to refuse such a project and to revert the land to its original designation as a nature park.

The Qala Local Council had said previously “that it had already investigated the various aspects of creating an environment and heritage park, a project that would draw much-needed tourists to Gozo, and support existing hotels and catering establishments.”

The SOS Hondoq petition is available for signing by Clicking Here.

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    7 Responses

    1. peter paul says:

      when will this end??

      Hasn`t the Qala residents voted 85% against this monster.

      We joined the EU on a 52% majority ,then how come 85% be ignored???

    2. Mark says:

      If MEPA means business it should refuse this silly application .

      Hondoq belongs to all of us and not for the few .That`s what will happen if this permit is given the green light only the rich will be there

    3. lesley kreupl says:

      How many more times do we have to protest about this project?
      How much more tax payers money is going to be wasted by MEPA’s endless meetings, surely NO means NO and ODZ means ODZ?
      For goodness sake, respect the opinion of the majority of the Gozitans (especially those from Qala!) and stop this project once and for all!
      Where are the King and Queen of Gozo – don’t they care? They always profess to care greatly! ECO Gozo my foot!

    4. angelo xerri says:

      Do see this U Tube link to see for yourselves dear developers and see what you will be taking away from us if your permit goes ahead

    5. Victor C says:

      If this development proposal goes ahead, it will mark the beginning of the end for many other similar sites in Gozo. Areas like Hondoq should already be listed as a “no go zone” for developers.

      It’s about time the Maltese government wakes up to itself, and seriously looks at protecting what little precious natural space it has left on the islands for the benefit of its people and future generations to come.

    6. Dietmar Treptow says:

      After all this time – no comment !

    7. Bertu says:

      Dietmar What do expect?

      They will never give up .You got to remember that Hondoq is a goldmine and it will be a guarantee that if the project is approved they will surely make enormous amount of profit at the expense of us Joe citizen

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