Is talk of the Malta-Gozo tunnel link just pre-election rubbish

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Is talk of the Malta-Gozo tunnel link just pre-election rubbish“Not hard to tell that an election is drawing close as the Gozo/Malta tunnel has been brought out of the cupboard and dusted down. Now I’m a tourist. When I come to Gozo I’m more than happy to use the ferry as I find it a nice relaxing way to arrive on the island.

It’s different though for all those Gozitan folks who are forced to travel to Malta daily to work or to attend school or whatever. They really need a quicker way of getting from A to B and that can only be achieved by a fixed link of some description. Imagine the difference it would make to people’s lives to be able to drive over to the island in a few minutes rather than waiting sometimes for hours to get a ferry.

People are saying spend the money on roads and other important things. I say how long have you lived on Malta or Gozo? Have the roads got any better? No they haven’t because for some reason Maltese contractors don’t have a clue how to build a road to last.

I’m driving on roads on a daily basis that I first drove on 40 years ago. They have never been dug up, repaired, patched, they just were built right to start with. Money spent on roads in Malta is like money down the drain. A perfect example is the new road they built down into Xlendi. It is as bad if not worse than it was before they ‘improved’ it.

And I think you can be assured that any tunnel would not be constructed by Transport Malta. Can you imagine what a nightmare that would be? If a tunnel were to be built it would have to be contracted out to people who know what they are doing like the Norwegians. They have been doing this for decades so I think you could be sure that it wouldn’t leak.

At the end of the day though I wouldn’t worry about it as I’m sure this is all just the usual pre-election rubbish that you Maltese must be used to by now.

If PN win the election they will probably be more interested in re-instating their extra 500 Euros a week that they gave up in the lead up to the local elections. If PL win they are going to have to try and deal with the debt that the PL have left the country in. No matter which party wins they are going to be lumbered with paying off the cost of Gonzi’s Wendy House for the next 20 years, so either way you will be lucky to see a bridge or tunnel anytime soon.”

James A. Tyrrell,

N. Ireland.

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    11 Responses

    1. peter paul says:

      Alex Tyrrell I agree with you 100% You forgot to state re the route that our wise men told us about which will end up at Hondoq r Rummien ,

      I do frequent those areas and can`t imagine whose bright idea it was as it will destroy that whole area

    2. ganninu says:

      This must be April`s fool joke ,How come Austin Gatt promises that he will do this tunnel when our country is literally bankrupt

    3. EMMANUEL MAGRO says:

      This was the biggest disappointment that I have ever seen,( Malta-Gozo ) tunnel was
      a just pre-election,when I was at the age of 15 years ,my day would end with my friends
      have a little bit of wine and play cards till,10 pm and then go to sleep,but this evening
      was very stormy,raining ,windy and a young and soaking wet ,just was one of the lucky
      ones escaped the from drawning,and told us ,and continue to the police station to
      report the disaster of the drawning of many people, we woke our fathers and other
      neighbours to come down to the place named ” Tac-Cawl “we took ropes,but in the
      dark we could not see anything ! then the next day ,and later bodies started to rise
      the bottom !! I there was a tunnel ,that disaster would never have happenned !!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Zeppy Gatt says:

      It is April ‘s fool joke, Austin Gatt should tell as from were is he gona get the monay from??and dont tell as from our taxxes.

    5. James A. Tyrrell says:

      What does he need money for Zeppy? Gonzi is busy building an unnecessary new Parliament building and still doesn’t know how he’s going to pay for that!

    6. Victor D.Apap says:

      Money talks, BS walks. Mr.Austin Gatt should look for another job.

    7. Sammy Borg says:

      Tunnel or no tunnel we have a Mr know it all above, that seems to know more about Malta then the Maltese themselves. May I suggest you take up Maltese citizenship and contest for parliament, you never know we might see you sitting in Gonzi`s throne, depending how much you weight.
      I read the London Times and most other British, Irish newspapers daily and never ever noticed your name James. Wonder why? Could it be you are trying to educate Malta!! Come on mate this is not the fifthies. Love to meet ya some day.


    8. James A. Tyrrell says:

      Probably for the same reason that no one reads your name in the Maltese press ‘mate’ because you don’t have the guts to write under your own name. Strange that you are using the name Sammy Borg now and then signing off as ‘Gozoroo’ which was the name you always wrote under in the past. How are things in Australia by the way?

    9. Sammy Borg says:

      Life is good Down Under but slowly ruined by the droves of whining POMS movin in.


    10. EMMANUEL MAGRO says:

      On the above comments ,what I learned is that the people in Malta do not have the
      assurance that the Tunnel will not leak after it will be manuefactured ,why the experts of
      Malta ,go after the people that established to Tunnel under the I nglish Tunnel in between France and Ingland known better as the Inglish Channel ? they done a very
      realiable Tunnel.

    11. Phil Cox says:

      I hope it is never built. A ferry is a relaxing way to get to a relaxing island.

      A road would likely ruin Gozo, which has its own special identity.

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