“Decisions are always taken in the public interest & saftey”

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Gozo Channel said in a statement this morning “decisions by its officials, especially operational ones, were always taken in the public interest and for the safety of passengers.”

The statement was in response to an incident which took place yesterday morning when a truck driver stopped his vehicle on the loading ramp and blocked access to the ship, which then caused delays and disruptions to the normal ferry service.

Gozo Channel said that the matter concerned issues of public order and “the case is in the hands of the police”

The company regretted the inconvenience caused to clients.

The driver of the truck concerned, Joseph Grima of Ghajnsielem, was fined €250 by the Gozo courts yesterday and placed under a €200 guarantee.

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    5 Responses

    1. Francois says:

      in our opinion this Gozitan was only thinking about himself and disregarding the Health and Safety rules and a complete disregard to paying passengers. Back home he would have to serve time locked up apart from a hefty fine and his vehicle confiscated, but then again this is Malta and the authorities still have alot to catch up on as regard to the health and safety. We however thank Gozo Ferry for the consideration to the passengers and acting in a proper manner. Well Done Gozo Ferry.

    2. peter paul says:

      Please see Ta Muxi dumping at Qala as well http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSuJRlorrxg

    3. angelo xerri says:

      @ Peter Paul Those big rocks that were on that truck were cut from the quarry Ta Muxi which is at Qala .Seen the link SHOCKING

    4. Asta Peterson says:

      Thankyou Peter Paul & Angelo Xerri, we watched the Video with interest, and to be honestly with you we are visiters to Gozo are very surprised and shocked to see such distruction to the Calypso island, we feel that the people re the property speculators should be ban and possibly put away for milking the once beautiful island dry. with all the rubish and dumping it actually resembles one of the poorest countries in south America. Very disappointed by the Gozitan/Maltese authorities that allows such distruction.

    5. peter paul says:

      @ Asta Peterson That dumping had been going on for years and Mepa did nothing till that video was shown on U Tube .I congratulate to the person that posted it

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