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AD - GozoSpeaking in Gozo, AD Leader, Dr Harry Vassallo said that only AD can guarantee that the clientele system that keeps the Gozo economy back will change once and for all.

AD spokesperson and candidate for Gozo, Victor Galea, said, “Every Gozitan today knows that Alternattiva Demokratika is the only party that worked eagerly throughout the whole year in order to save the environment and Gozo’s characteristics from a few developers who believe that they are above the law. The Gozitans know that defending the environment would lead to more quality jobs in Gozo. We are pleased to see that the Prime Minister acknowledged Alternattiva Demokratika’s document about the environment, a few days before election, and is promising more or less the same proposals put forward by AD in favour of the environment. This is the coalition culture that Alternattiva Demokratika would like to introduce in this country: that of working together in the interest of our country and not in the interest of those who finance the parties.”

Dr Vassallo added that it was only AD of all the other parties which fought for the protection of Ta’ Cenc, Hondoq ir-Rummien and Ramla l-Hamra. He mentioned the pressure made by Alternattiva Demokratika in order to safeguard our heritage, and the need for the parties to start thinking of new and modern jobs for the Gozitans in Gozo. “Only in parliament can Alternattiva Demokratika guarantee the protection of these most beautiful places in our country. We are convinced that if we will have another government managed by just one political party, all these battles will have to start again from scratch, even if the other parties are doing their utmost to give the impression that they are the guardians of the environment,” said Dr Vassallo.

“There are many Gozitans that, in their own silence, realized that the defiance of the political parties led them to consider Gozo only in those days preceding election. In order to address the demand for quality employment of a lot of Gozitans there is the need that who votes for Gozo will think of the potential dangers this beautiful island can undergo if only two parties continue to be elected, parties whose only interest regards how many votes they can gain rather than the common good for Gozo. After the work of Alternattiva in Gozo, the Gozitans realized that their best tool so that Gozo’s agenda will be really on the forefront of the next government’s agenda, is the vote for the AD Gozo candidate that everybody knows works tirelessly in the best interest of Gozo, and nothing more.”

“The party presented over 100 proposals to create modern, creative and sustainable jobs in Gozo. In the Gozo manifesto, there are also proposals for reforms in the Gozo Ministry in order for it to be truly democratic, transparent and managed in a responsible manner; where everybody can partake in the decision-making that closely concerns the Gozitans and to discard the idea that everything is possible but only for those people who are politically involved. Amongst the proposals for Gozo, Alternattiva also recommends a reform in Gozo’s public transport, which, through its inexistence, led to every person in Gozo being obliged to own a means of transport. Other proposals include the education sector, sports, culture and social services,” Dr Vassallo concluded.

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    2 Responses

    1. A.Scicluna says:

      AD has always evidenced concern on Gozitan issues – environmental, social and educational.

      AD always helped to defend the ordinary citizen’s rights..even when no election was in sight.

      Thank you, AD.

    2. A Bartolo says:

      Victor Galea, is winning the votes of the intelligent Gozitan voters. Good luck and please keep working for the good of Gozo. Thanks

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