“Thankyou for my life” – Letter to the Gozo CCU Foundation

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"Thankyou for my life" - Letter to the Gozo CCU FoundationAn open letter to Dame Carmen Bellamy of the Gozo CCU Foundation.

“Thankyou for my life”

“I was totally amazed of how much equipment your association has so generously provided for the Gozo Hospital. I was admitted with a serious heart condition not long ago.

I received every comfort, with the state of the art equipment, helping me to speedy comfort.

I know all to well personally all the effort, hard work and dedication by the public and the volunteers! Not forgetting the founder and Captain.

I never thought when I was attending one of your functions that I would receive one of the greatest gifts from the CCU.

Along with the staff, consultant and surgeons, I knew that I was in the Best Place on Earth to recover.

Yours faithfully,

Miriam P. Whitaker

President of A.F.D.A. Gozo – Ability for Disability Association

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    4 Responses

    1. Peter Wilson(editor Gozo Oracle) says:

      Well spoken Miriam, the Gozo C.C.U must be one of the best equipped in europe, all due to the efforts of Carmen, and her helpers in the C.C.U. Foundation. We are pleased that you are well again.

    2. chris green says:

      Forgive my ignorance: What is the “Gozo Oracle”? I have tried a web search without success.

    3. Peter Wilson(editor Gozo Oracle) says:

      The Gozo Oracle is the Monthly News Letter for the British Residents’ Association (Gozo Group)

    4. RobertaDebono says:

      Now i know why the British always prefer Gozo as oppose to their country, primerily is because we have a good climate, as compared with the horrible grey & rainy weather in the UK and secondly we have better hospice treatment miles better then the UK, with less the time one has to wait for an appointmnt. In otherwords our hospitals are far superor to theirs in all aspects.

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