Save Gozo – Vote AD – Mr Anthony Falzon, Nadur, Gozo

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Readers LetterDear Sir,
Lately, I have been analyzing very closely the electoral flyers that I received at home from some Gozitan candidates, and have also evaluated what they are saying in the media.

It is surprising to note a point of similarity between what is said by some PN candidates and some other MLP candidates. This can be defined as ENTHUSIASM. My main question is – Why does enthusiasm abound only during an electoral campaign?

1. Where was all this enthusiasm when Alternattiva Demokratika (AD) protested against the proposal for the development of Ta’ ?en??

2. Where was the enthusiasm when AD protested at Ramla l-?amra, in the sweltering sun and scorching sands of the 10th June, 2007?

3. Where was the enthusiasm to save Hondoq ir-Rummien?

4. Where was their enthusiasm when AD protested to make pressure on Authorities to start the restoration works on the Xlendi Tower before it ended up in debris like the Medieval Chapel next to the heliport?

5. Where was these candidates’s enthusiasm when AD and its Gozo members went to clean up the rubbish in the historical salt pans behind the Qbajjar Tower?

6. What about their enthusiasm to address the unjust law regarding the letting of property and in collection of the rent reform signatures?

7. Where is their enthusiasm to promote direct hovercraft from Sicily to Gozo?

8. Where was their enthusiasm to protest against the fact that their party (MLP/N) agreed that the Gozitan voter is worth less than a Maltese voter by not increasing the Gozitan representation in parliament?

9. Who is really enthusiastic in being completely honest with the hunters and bird trappers?

10. Who is really fighting for the reform of MEPA while respecting citizen’s right and turn this monster into a fully democratic institution away from a kangaroo court?

11. Is there any enthusiasm left to reform of the Ministry for Gozo for a transparent and inclusive Ministry?

12. Is there any enthusiasm left to endorse AD’s proposal and reform of the Gozo public transport system?

The list goes on. In my opinion, it is hypocritical to claim oneself as enthusistic just a few days before a general election. I am going to vote for a true change. I’m voting for Victor Galea, the AD candidate for Gozo. Last summer I walked in Vallettta protesting to save Gozo, soon I will use my vote to save it from greed and speculators who fund the MLP and PN scaremongering electoral campaigns.

Mr. Anthony Falzon

Nadur , Gozo

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    2 Responses

    1. CMP says:

      Hypocrisy is the culture of the DAY. The outcry of the PN/MLP candidates both for the general election and the Local Councils is to see what ‘we’ have done. Bull it is not we – WHO is the ‘we’. I declare that I have nothing to do with all that was done including a lot or stupid things and nothing to do with the items that were ignored as compiled by the honor/able/deserving Mr. Anthony Falzon.

      So it is right and fair that Alternattiva Demokratika is graciously acknowledged by voting for its hard working candidate for Gozo, Mr Victor Galea

    2. A.Scicluna says:

      Well done Alternattiva.

      You were always present, you were always protecting Gozitan rights when all other party politicians were conspicuously absent.

      AD deserves parliamentary representation.

      A vote for AD is a vote for honest representation.

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