Lecture on Neolithic Malta organised by Wirt Ghawdex

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Lecture on Neolithic Malta organised by Wirt GhawdexA public lecture, organised by Wirt Ghawdex, is to take place at Santa Cecilia Chapel in Ghanjsielem.

The talk entitled ‘Neolithic Malta, what we lost…. what remains…’ will be presented by Daniel Cilia.

“With over 120 known Neolithic sites found on Malta and Gozo, there is nowhere else on Earth that has a concentration of so many prehistoric sites in such a small area.”

The talk, by photographer Daniel Cilia, is accompanied by hundreds of photographs and will show what remains today, yet also what has been lost in the last centuries.

A large number of Neolithic sites have unfortunately been destroyed, yet have been recorded in the photographic archives of the National Museum of Archaecology.

The presentation will also discuss the architecture, temple alignments, the wonderful potery, statuary and art found at the Neolithic temples.

The talk, which takes place on Friday, the 13th of April, at 6.30pm, will be held in English and is open for everyone to attend.

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