Fox Terrier rescued in joint effort with Gozo SPCA & AWD

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Fox Terrier rescued in joint effort with Gozo SPCA & AWDThe Gozo SPCA Spokesperson Betty Berry has said in a statement today that “this fox terrier’s regular feeder first saw the dog with the tin jammed in her mouth on Saturday. She and her husband did everything they could to try to catch Foxie (she knows her name), as she is semi feral and very timid.”

“Peter, Gozo SPCA’s Animal Welfare Officer was called and went to Ghajnsielem early on Sunday morning to assess the situation. Having seen the dog he realised that she would have to be darted to capture her, but Gozo SPCA does not have a dart gun. Peter returned late that same morning, after finishing his SPCA duties, to see if there was some place to catch her in the nearby farm, where she often sleeps, but there was nowhere to trap her.”

The Gozo SPCA spokesperson continued, “Peter then advised the lady to call the AWD ambulance in Malta, stressing the urgency of the case. She phoned the ambulance immediately and was told that nobody could come to Gozo and anyway they ‘don’t do Gozo.’ I was then informed and went to meet the lady. I did not see the dog then but arranged to go yesterday morning (Monday) at 6.30am to see the dog when she and two fox terriers come to be fed (although she of course could not feed). She came and I was able to see her distress.”

“I then started trying to contact AWD from 7.45am. I explained the situation and I was told that they would call me. After several calls and emails and a lot of pressure from myself, it was finally agreed that Godric and Olaf from the AWD would come over today (Tuesday), as the situation was desperate.”

“They duly arrived at 6.15am this morning and with good team work and thanks to the totally professional approach by Godric and Olaf, the little fox terrier was darted and picked up quickly, with minimal further stress to an already deeply distressed dog. Whilst retrieving the darted dog from the cattle farm where she ran to, Godric and Olaf explained to the farmer what was going to happen and that she would be taken immediately to the hospital to have the tin removed,” the Gozo SPCA said.

“The farmer said that they were happy to have her around and would like to have her back if she recovered OK and if she could be spayed and micro chipped before being returned to the farm. Foxie’s son is devoted to her and is always by her side, as Godric saw. The lady who feeds her would also like to see her back where she belongs.”

The Gozo SPCA went on to say that “this dog was perfectly healthy and happy before this incident, which highlights how dangerous carelessly discarded tins can be to both dogs and cats.”

Gozo SPCA concluded by saying that it “is very grateful to Godric and Olaf for a job well done and thanks the team at San Frangisk Hospital for their prompt care to alleviate Foxie’s suffering. The Gozo SPCA understands that Godric notified the Director that the dog should be returned to Gozo SPCA when recovered.”

Photo by Gozo SPCA of Foxie with the tin stuck in her mouth.

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    3 Responses

    1. Anthony Briffa says:

      “They don’t do Gozo” INCREDIBLE !

    2. Justin says:

      Surely a darting gun should be made permanently available for just such an instance?

    3. Gozo SPCA says:

      Only Animal Welfare Department personnel are licenced to use a dart gun.

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