Gozitan altar servers & vocation groups members sports day

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Gozitan altar servers & vocation groups members sports dayLast Monday, the 19th of March, the liturgical feast of St Joseph, the seminarians of the diocese of Gozo together with the collaboration of Pastoral Vocations Director for Gozo organised a Sports Day for the altar servers and members of the Vocations’ groups of the diocese. The aim of this activity was so that the seminarians and the students would have a chance to meet together, come to know each other and enjoy themselves together.

The activity began at 9.00am and took place at the Seminary itself. About one hundred students participated from various parishes and chapels where they serve the altar. The students were divided into four groups. They then competed together by participating in various games, some of them quite original. At midday they had a break during which a snack was distributed.

A local footballer, Mr. Chris Camilleri, who at the moment is a member of the Xewkija Tigers team, also took part. Chris taught teaching skills to the students among who were some who take part in local football teams.

After a lovely morning the activities concluded at 2pm with a tug-of-war. Afterwards, a medal was given which was designed by the seminarians themselves and made of clay.

The Gozo Diocese said that it hope that this activity and other similar activities take place in the future so that altar-servers and vocation group members come to meet each other. “We also hope that the Lord uses these activities in order to keep these students happy and familiar with our diocesan seminarians from whom they may receive good examples and inspiration,” the Diocese concluded.

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