Gozo Regional Carnival 2012 closing celebrations cancelled

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Gozo Regional Carnival 2012 closing celebrations cancelledThe National and Regional Celebrations Committee within the Ministry for Gozo has said that due to weather conditions, the concluding carnival celebrations in Gozo, which should have been held in Victoria this evening, have been cancelled.

Further information may be obtained from the Cultural Office on 22156700 or info@gozoculture.com.

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    3 Responses

    1. mickh911 says:

      GOOD maybe we will sleep undisturbed, whilst i agree that carnival is a good thing for gozo at this time of year, why do we have to put up with groups of youths riding round our village on what is nothing more than a garden rotovator with a trailer, playing music so loud that the doors and windows shake in the house, at 11 oclock at night, when decent folk are in bed, if they are involved in a procession fair enough but this is down right ridiculous, i have witnessed the police stopping cars playing loud music in daylight hours to turn the music down, so why are they allowing this, i would also like to know if these youths are licenced and insured to drive these contraptions.

    2. george palmer says:

      These celebrations that were cancelled were in It Tok and the participants would have spent months rehearsing for this one event. It has nothing to do with what mickh911 is talking about. True he has a point about the insurance, but at least these youths are not throwing bottles around, throwing up on peoples doorsteps and assaulting people. Chill out mickh911 and be grateful you live on Gozo where the people are happy and friendly.

    3. mickh911 says:

      you obviously have not seen the discarded beer bottles, litter,and damage to a parked vehice in our street, agreed, local youths are generally well behaved, its the visitors from our sister island who don’t give a dam

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