Din l-Art Helwa returns coat-of-arms to St Anthony’s Battery

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Din l-Art Helwa returns coat-of-arms to St Anthony's BatteryMaster Mason, Leli Bufajra, worked through the winter to carve the missing coat-of-arms that once adorned the entrance to the Fortizza ta’ Sant Antnin, on Qala Point, Gozo.

Here seen having accomplished the massive job on a 2 metre block of hard stone chosen specially from a Gozo quarry, he proudly transports the coat-of-arms of Grand Master de Vilhena and the Cross of the Order of St John, together with an inscription by the Governor of Gozo which reads: ‘Nel Governo del Cav Fra Paulo Antonio de Viguier, 1732.’

This important decorative dedication over the Battery entrance is now back in place.

Since 2007 Din l-Art Helwa has been restoring the 18th Century battery by the Military Order of St John in a joint project with the Qala Local Council with MEPA funds derived from planning gains, and from the Local Council’s and Din l-Art Helwa’s own restoration funds.

The work on the battery, which had been left in total abandon with decayed and crumbling walls, is at an advanced stage. With marvellous views over the straits to Comino, it is hoped that the Battery will be ready to receive visitors later this summer.

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    1. Joe Magro from Qala says:

      This is a very beautiful cermony with the coat-of-arms in Qala, the best village in Malta & Gozo and Congratulation must go to Master Mason Mr. Leli Bufajra for all his wonderful work. May God Bless you Mr. Leli Bufajra because Malta and Gozo needs people like you.

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