Ministry for Gozo launches the new eco-Gozo website

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Ministry for Gozo launches the new eco-Gozo websiteThe Ministry for Gozo has launched a new electronic site, “in order to strengthen information and offer updated services related with the Ministry for Gozo’s undertakings in connection with the eco-Gozo vision.”

Photos and updated details on more than 65 projects are available on the site which were or are still ongoing in Gozo, which are all related with one or more measures included in the ‘eco-Gozo action plan 2010-2012.’

This was announced by the Minister for Gozo, Giovanna Debono, at an activity launching the new electronic site which encompasses information on all the initiatives related to eco-Gozo. “Following an extensive consultation process that took around one year and another two years during which the implementation process on various projects took off, we are now able to collate all this information through this website which also shows how much eco-Gozo has become a reality to Gozitans, and how it has already started to benefit the Gozitan community as well as Maltese and foreign tourists who visit the island,” the Minister said.

The new electronic site offers user friendly services through various sections and easy access. One section is dedicated to projects and includes information on those already implemented and other still ongoing, including several related with various schemes issued by the Ministry for Gozo through eco-Gozo that relate to different sectors, amongst which the Environment, Education, Society and Economy.

Children have their own particular corner on the website with Kikku, the official eco-Gozo mascot, accompanying them along their journey through it. “There is no doubt that if we want to see Gozo being changed into an ecological island, this will also entail the participation of children, our future leaders, in order that they may also understand the importance of environment protection and sustainability,” continued Minister Giovanna Debono. In fact, in the Kids section, Kikku offers a variety of interactive information which helps them to better appreciate the environment and Gozo’s characteristics. This section also offers the opportunity for Gozitan children to become ECO-RANGERS, a concept which is being developed and is intended to help children to get more in touch with the eco-Gozo vision and also enables them to express their thoughts and ideas.

The Ministry said that the “eco-Gozo electronic site will continue to be updated with information related with various stages of the different projects, amongst which projects implemented in collaboration with social partners, local councils and private entities that have shown their interest in the eco-Gozo vision, as in the case of the HSBC Foundation and the Coca Cola Foundation, that are both sponsoring large projects in connection with afforestation and the building of dams for the conservation of rain water.”

The Minister explained “how this site will be important in the implementation process of the second phase of the eco-Gozo action plan that will encompass works related with the medium to long-term projects following the completion of those carried out during the first three years. This will also contribute towards the attainment of the objectives related with the eco-Gozo 2020 vision.”

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