Hunters Federation reacts angrily to latest BirdLife campaign

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FKNK2.jpgThe FKNK have reacted angrily to what they said was BirdLife’s latest cheap stunt on the eve of Malta’s General Elections, in the recruitment of what they termed as a mere 13 ‘personalities’ wearing a T-shirt sporting yet another deceptive slogan ‘Stop illegal spring hunting’.

FKNK said that in this manner BirdLife may be hoping to influence Political Parties that “the overwhelming majority of the Maltese to be firmly against spring hunting”. Whereas the Federation for Hunting & Conservation – Malta (FKNK) is almost sure that a few other ‘personalities’ might venture to add their names to the ‘unlucky’ 13 in the run-up to the Elections date, the FKNK said they will soon demonstrate a much larger number of Maltese and Gozitan and also EU citizens who are in total disagreement with BirdLife’s stance.

The federation said that Spring Hunting has never been illegal in Malta and yes, stop illegal hunting, always. Not just in spring.

FKNK added that it believes that the ‘personalities’ do not really care much for the birds nor have any understanding of hunting and are only participating to gain on whatever personal agenda each one may hope to achieve, be this business, popularity, exposure, fame, etc.

FKNK concluded by saying that it is therefore proposing an open challenge to each and every one of these personalities, by inviting them to participate, individually or collectively as they may please, on the weekly TV programme produced by the FKNK. There they will be free to exchange an open dialogue about hunting with FKNK officials, the statement said.

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