The Beauty of Life – A package for Gozitan primary schools

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The Beauty of Life - A package for Gozitan primary schoolsThe Ministry for Gozo is financing the publication of ‘The Beauty of Life’ package for teachers, a project of Dar Guzeppa Debono, which includes a number of lesson plans intended for Gozitan primary school children between year one and year six.

The Minister for Gozo, Giovanna Debono, launched this pack at Dar Guzeppa Debono in Ghajnsielem. The event was attended by a number of PSD teachers and other representatives of the schools.

The Minister praised the concept of the project by Dar Guzeppa Debono, saying that the eco-Gozo funding scheme for NGOs, is aimed at every aspect of life, including school children. She urged Gozo teachers to “make good use of the new package with the children to raise awareness about the beauty of life in all that we find around us.” The Minister added that this is why these packages will be distributed to each primary school class in Gozo, in both Government and Church run schools

The package includes lessons that are built on the life cycle of different organisms and the importance of each species. These lessons are designed to teach children how to be better friends with the surroundings and appreciate the initiation and development, as well as the beauty and diversity of each species. Lessons are 45 minutes in science and arts and crafts.

The booklets for primary school children are made up for each year, with year one dealing with the beauty of plant life, the second one for year two school children deals with the beauty of insect life, year three school children’s booklet is about fish, year four’s deals with amphibians and reptiles, year five’s is a booklet on birds, while year six is a booklet on mammals.

The Ministry for Gozo said that earlier this term it had prepared a package of Resources for Teachers, providing the necessary materials for lessons relating to the National Curriculum topics and sustainable development on Gozo. As well as subjects like Social Studies, Arts and Science, it also included materials on several languages, including Maltese, English, Italian and French. Issues relating to the identity of the island, such as the production of honey, traditional rubble walls, agriculture and holidays can also be found in the package.

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